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Freedom of Religion

/ Social Order / In Gringolandia Freedom has been a major subject with pk since I founded the Free Learning Exchange in 1970. The list below links to a few locations. But the specific use of the concept Americans are … Continue reading

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Information Shelf Life

/ Social Order / DeCentralization / DeGate / DeSchool / The phone just rang. A voice synthesized female urged me that it was essential that I update my Google something-or-other. If I don’t pay my phone bill they’ll cut off … Continue reading

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Two Christianities

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Cosmo / Religion / Christianity / @ K. 2001 Christianity / Chrixity Godless Christians 2017 01 09 I’ll review in a sec. 2010 … Continue reading

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Studio Beach Wreck

/ Music&Art / As a kid I was addicted to jazz. My missionary-like zeal on this sacred subject was not effective, at least not in high school. My friends didn’t mind jazz, so long as it was in the background, … Continue reading

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Jefferson’s Bible

/ Letters / 2015 08 01 email to bk: theMarcus watching bits and snatches of two Bible series: Bible Rules, Bible Secrets both have talking heads, experts, on screen, lots of Ehrman. They include a lots of things I’ve been … Continue reading

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