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Experience versus Authority

This theme of experience versus authority permeates Knatz.com. It is core to the thesis I’d intended for my doctorate. That thesis is alive and well in more mature form at Macroinformation but languishes in the place I’d originally intended for it at K. Another time I’ll move those latter files here: this place being where I intend to keep a notebook on the subject and eventually gather links to other related sections.
Meantime one may search:
Early entries will string: scrapbook style. Given time, reasoned modules will emerge.

Neither term, experience nor authority, are simple. How much of authority is experience? How much is politically imposed? How much of experience is raw, how much digested? How much reason is involved? What kind of reason?
I’ll expand ASAP.

Things to cover: hierarchy, asymmetry between top and bottom, understanding

False Fiats

Complex things emerge in the complixifying universe: galaxies, planets … life, sentience … families, markets, money … kleptocracies … authority. Kleptocracies embody authority, teach it: teach that all else is chaos, that nothing else is possible. Thus, people’s experience of authority is “99%” false.
People who figure this out are put “in Coventry”: they’re not heard, they’re allowed no authority: by the authorities.
My module on gods, God, & god (one of the core  modules), recalls President Eisenhower’s assessment that Everyone has a God, and he doesn’t care who or what the god is. That’s so important: false authorities teach the necessity of authority.
Note that authority goes with centralized organization.
The universe has been organized for an estimated fourteen or so billion years. Monotheists says that that organization has been centralized: and hierarchical: God. I was taught to believe that. I was taught to worship it. (I did believe it, I did worship it.) Centralized authority typically teaches authority as hierarchical. Things naturally have a top.
Experience though also has a voice, is impossible to ignore altogether, never shuts up. Honest sentience sees centers and tops here and there, but not everywhere: not there, not here. pk certainly acknowledges the commonness of centers, tops, hierarchies: and their importance; but pk never ceases to emphasize that, like many medicines, they’re over-prescribed: and that we “see” them even where there are none. More than two scientists are just beginning to catch on. (See chaos physics, complexity theory … Mitchell Resnick Star Logo programs … See Korzybski, Bateson, Prigogine …)
I have already, prodded by my son, dealt with the natural emergence of money: gold or cowrie shells are easier to carry and deliver and exchange than a carload of cattle. But with many a natural thing, the kleptocracy then takes it over, monopolizes it: ruins it: like money. Paper money inflates; the gold is still just the gold, the cattle are still just the cattle.
Real money emerges; false money is fiated.
Centralized authorities, top-down authorities, fiat thing after thing: money, defence, teaching … God …
If you have a skill, can sing, play the piano, do accurate calculations, you have natural authority: expertise. But false authority, kleptocracy, can bulldoze you aside, and stick some state-issue robot in your place: above those who in liberty might come to you.
Don’t think for a second that I’m saying that everything in liberty would be peachy, that, left alone, everyone would study at Einstein’s feet and leave the State’s Miss Tilly alone. Not at all: in liberty, people might flock to Barabbas and ignore Jesus; or flock to Jesus and ignore Moses Harmon …
Ah, but in liberty, experience would sort things out: naturally. Those who ate candy and no veggies, veggies and no meat, wouldn’t do so well when the volcano erupts, when the cannibals come, when the car breaks down.
People who believe their church, trust to god, go to school … don’t do very well no matter what happens.
After Katrina, we’ll go back to New Orleans: when the mayor tells us to.
Thing is: experience, nature, reality … will still have the last word. Stalin will learn that he’s not God, God will learn that he’s not nature. But kleptocratic man will learn nothing. Kleptocratic man will be dead.
What the hell: so will pk. And Jesus too: will be dead: and Einstein, and Harmon … even Mozart.
Point is: what will live on? Anything? Cockroaches?
Nature, I presume. The cosmos will outlast the universe.
When godx is gone, gody may find light.
more coming. as usual, I’ve been caught up in some statements I hadn’t planned and missed half of what I had.

Related materials in other sections: links to be added:
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There: that merges a couple of locations scattered over decades. Next, edit, merge, dedup, expand.

Always note that such discussion is my Sonnets thesis: inspired by Chaucer’s Wife of Bath Prologue: lots see that Chaucer did it; do only I see that Shakespeare advanced it? covered the whole field? No: and it’s no accident.

Social Order

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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