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2014 09 16 Contemporary civilization saturates us with what we’re already obsessed by without coraling, pushing: Sex! Pussy! Boobs! Muscles! Balls for brains!
Bad, maybe fatal, but at the same time good: I love boobs and babes, can hardly get enough of them.
Now with a hard drive, my writing, my babble-diaries saved, and expanded and resaved, graphics downloadable, saveable I’ve got more megabytes than I ever dreamed of crowded with old posters of Raquel Welch,


yesterday’s picture of this blond, that blond …

Susannah York

We all go back and look again at Julia Roberts, at Marilyn Monroe, the money machines rely on it. But there a sexy actress I never heard of till a week or so ago I now can’t pry myself away from revisiting.

Natalia Avalon

She’s cute, sure she’s cute, there are hundreds of millions of girls in the world who are cute: some can pose, some are photographic, take direction well …
This girl has gotten into my brain, and I don’t want her out of it! Her boobs are priceless, her nipples perfect. Her hips, her crotch … The real Uschi Obermeir seems to have been very attractive also, but not like this Polish actress! Kudos to the guys photographing her, posing her, too.


2015 09 20 I’m still ravished by Natalia Avalon, her effect on me hasn’t dimmed. And, funny thing, I recently saw an old Raquel Welsh western. Pretty cute. Here’s what I didn’t know: Raquel Welsh was born Jo Raquel Tejada. I got brainwashed, I bet you did too! Check out that famous poster: does she look like an American cave girl? or does she look like a Spic cave girl? American, right? American as John Wayne, or John Ford, or Henry Ford. Rephrase that: north east Europe, yay! south west Europe (Spain!), boo.

I’ll also add about Avelon: see how she’s got her lips puckered, her hair blown just so. See how she’s got her jeans zipped down to her pubes … now notice the metal-headed belt-tip hanging down like she’s really hung! I tell you, I don’t want that thing banging me in the balls.

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