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Other areas of K. rave about Jennifer Aniston. Lots of girls are pretty, more than a few are aided by costume, makeup, lighting, script … direction; what makes Jennifer Aniston so riveting over several decades? Here 2015 07 21 I add that there were moments of Bridget Jones Diary, which I’d never seen till today, where Renee Zellweger commanded the screen in the same way as does Jennifer Aniston. And suddenly, affectionately, lovingly, I’m seeing Christina Ricci join a sisterhood of brave blonds.

I also add: I seesawed back and forth over Bridget Jones Diary: the comedy, the casting: cute … gag … cute … gag … pause … bail out. But I kept going back. I’m glad I did: overall, cute. Hugh Grant was very good, so too some of the rest of the cast: but Colin Firth was a dead fish. I guess they had to use him: he was already Darcy.
Every time I see Jim Broadbent he seems better, and better: till he’s just-right.

And More Girls

2015 08 11 The decades pass by, markets are saturated with Hannah Montana, with Lindsey Lohan, with twins who somehow, the Olsons looking like junkies, got a lock on teen markets. I finally checked out Mean Girls, was very impressed, attracted as you may have read @ K.: now I think it’s time that I check out some of the others. I’ve rented The Parent Trap [nope, not available thru NetFlix], and will check out the young Miley Cyrus. See: the rest of you know the family, the history: I don’t.

Meantime, Aristo-Porn

I’m sniffing at Asylum, Miranda Richardson, cheese what a pedigree, bailed out a couple of times but then was drawn back, and again. The guy is riveting too. Watching Miranda Richardson’s bare boobs in the tub, watching the sculptor wife-murderer scarf at her quim, gobble, gobble, is half way toward stained glass sacrilege.


Taken by the actor who plays the sculptor, Marton Csokas, wow, riveting, gotta see more: and I sequed right to Dream House. Beaucoup mutual reflections: lots of broken glass, windows, green houses, institutional glass. But at a deep level the movies are saturated with state appointed experts, authorities: people who can lobotomize you, rip off your nuts, put a fist up your twat. One doctor says to poor confused, tormented Peter, the father judged incompetent to stand trial for the murders of his wife and daughters, “If you would admit yourself now, under my care, I can help you.” Peter knows better: from experience.

Naomi Watts is so delicious, she lets doctor after doctor marry her, rule her, drive her bonkers: finally she marries the Czar of them all, magnificently cast through Ian McKellen, bravo. Finally she jumps through a half acre of broken institutional glass, her blood ebbs out, Dr. Hubby is still torturing her: “Leave me alone” is her final instruction.

I don’t get it: Watts is so riveting, but her filmography doesn’t seem to add up to her effect. Dream House seems to be a stinker but with a great cast, rasing an important issue or two. Asylum, I kept pausing it, but then I’m very glad I came back and finished it. Don’t be deceived by the lunatics; it’s the staff that’s evil.
Hugh Bonneville is first rate at being a stiff-upper-prick.

Same Movie

They’re all the same movie! Asylum, Dream House … And Dream House is the “same” as Shutter Island! And Asylum is the same as Stonehearst Asylum … The poor studios: even once when old farts had nothing to do all day long, even allowing for them seeing maybe a movie a week, who could have anticipated people streaming five or six movies a day! Even I don’t remember all of them; but a lot, plenty.

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