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Kleptocracy’s Catch-22

Judaism has it that God sends messages to his chosen people. The people he chose, according to the Jews, (according to the Jews) go way out of their way not to listen. Christianity has it that even when sent his own son (translate: put in a personal appearance himself), a still wider audience nevertheless followed the same pattern of behavior. They didn’t just not listen; they killed him. They didn’t just kill him, they (we) tortured him to death.
Is there a pattern here? Is the pattern true? It sure seems so by my experience. The problem is, we look for examples in the wrong places. We fail to falsify in the right places. Maybe this pattern was true of human societies before the nomad Jews decided to join civilization, to become farmers, and therefore — does night follow day?, to become kleptocrats: stealing other kleptocrats’ land and saying God gave it to them. (Understand: God (capitalized) is the Jew’s proprietary god: they own him: like worshipping (or pretending to worship) Tissue instead of tissue.)
Consider: God gets all the credit for creating the “world”: “heaven” and “earth.” Could that possibly refer to what we sometimes call “the universe”? If so, wouldn’t the true messengers be those who see the universe truly? or almost truly? Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein? Well, how did they fare? Copernicus got a lot of flack. Kepler was pretty much ignored. Galileo was threatened with torture. Newton was a recluse, pretty much ignored: lucky for us, at least one person, Halley, had a bit of a clue: otherwise we might know Newton no better than we know Abelard. Einstein had a contract out on his life. Godel is still ignored. Darwin had someone who had a little bit of a clue: otherwise we wouldn’t know him either.
OK: you want to look in the Church itself for examples. There there are examples aplenty. Who in the Twentieth Century better represented Jesus than Ivan Illich? Of course, the Church defrocked him. Revoked his meal ticket. Major networks invited him to speak, then took it all back. His best sellers were allowed to go out of print, then not reprinted. You have a hard time buying a major Illich book in the United States. His new books never got published in the US.
Who better to follow? I followed him. I still follow him, though I follow others too. Illich showed us how we could free up public information, how we could, despite our kleptocracy, be more convivial, more Christian. I too was ignored, wholly misrepresented. Illich’s meal ticket was taken away; mine never materialized.
It’s Catch-22. You can’t leave the war till you have x number of missions. Once you have x number of missions, you can’t leave the war until you have y number of missions. Once you have z number of missions, you can leave the war only if you accept the war: sell it after separation: go on tour for the war. If you want the public to attend to your messages from god (from the real universe), you must not have any real messages from god. If you do have any real messages from god, then the church, the war, “the people” will not listen to you. If you persist, you’re meal ticket will evaporate, you’ll be decommissioned, maybe killed … The whole thing is torture whether they pull your fingernails or not.

So much for “god’s messengers.” But it’s actually, I believe, worse than that. How about people who aren’t trying to convey original, challenging messages? How about people who would just like a little ordinary, known truth? That’s difficult if not impossible as well. I believe that’s so true that it’s only slightly overstated to say that if you really know your ordinary field, just math say, you will not do well in that field: unless you also go out of your way to conceal it: make it plain that you still “believe in Santa Claus.” If you can do that, then you can get promoted, get tenure, become chairman of your department, president of your university, elected to a judgeship, to Congress …
Say all you want is something familiar, obvious: the government to obey its laws, merely the Constitution, for example. Say you merely want election officials to be able to count votes in a “democracy.” Rots of ruck. Say you see them not doing it. Say you go to a lawyer. Ha, ha, ha. You fool: the lawyer had to prove he was a moral imbecile long before he ever graduated from high school, in order to get into his “good” college. The potentially intelligent are weeded out or “governed” down, socialized, long before grade school is half commenced. Say you get a lawyer: it will have to go to the Supreme Court …. ha, ha, ha. Maybe it’ll get there in five hundred years. Ha, ha, ha. But what have you got if you do get there? Quintessential lawyers! People who can “prove” that the prince of Ethiopia is a “slave” if some Arab took him in slavery. See? The Arab wrote it down on a piece of paper. The Dutchman has a receipt.
We took a nice continent, and turned it into a noisy ash heap in a mere few centuries. We took a sometimes talented species and processed it into a brain dead TV potato: whom we worship in his wisdom. The People.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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