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“Live” TV has a seven second delay between the camera’s recording and the network’s transmission. The excuse is so that virginal ears and eyes can be protected from vulgar slips.

Rationalization is easy. Just notice: nonetheless: that seven second delay is a censoring device.

Oh, but the great bulk of parents, virgins, husbands … Don’t want themselves or children exposed to … farts, profanities … unorthodox ideas!

Irrelevant. Misdirection from the illusionists. Notice: it’s a censoring device.

If the law ever meant anything (ever meant anything other than bullying), it would be unconstitutional.
Also don’t forget (or realize, if you hadn’t known): lynch mobs would march their women and children before the rope-, razor-, torch-, and gun-bearing men so that any hint of indignation from their intended victim could be instantly punished: mortally: as an affront to the women and children. (Introduced in Stalking Horse: Why Are We “Christian”?)

The colonists rebel. They create a democracy. And they structure it just like a kleptocracy: the only social structure they know. And of course they stole the ideas: the only form of acquisition they know.

In society, the judge is elevated on a bench, the actor is elevated on a stage, the preacher is elevated in a pulpit, the teacher stands above the dinky children, the lecturer is on a podium … It’s all theater, all managed illusion. Such illusions are manufactured, they are not natural. They are fashioned by the magician, the playwright, the bishop … by the team of magician and assistants. And the public has to be trained, to sit there, passively … and prompted, rehearsed, when to applaud: not at the end of a mere movement.

Oh, but elevation helps the voice to reach a larger audience. True. The larger the group, the more impossible communication becomes. But amplifiers are just a penny in the fuse box, postponing the conflagration: and guaranteeing it will be worse when it comes.

The police evidence room is caged, the walls not only thick but opaque. The moment evidence disappears into an off-limits area it ceases to be evidence. Science ceases to be science the moment Lucy’s bones disappear into the museum’s underground. Christianity ceased to be Christian the moment a human committee started appointing bearers of the host.

Deals are made in back rooms. Back rooms too are where votes are counted. Don’t like the results? Keep counting. Count until it comes out “right.” Ah, but now machines count the votes. Yes, but the machines are made by committees, in back rooms: made, sold, serviced … in back rooms.

Publishers make pre-market decisions for the market. Free market and selected publishing are incompatible.
Do you see? All our social mechanisms are derived from theaters of illusion.

Except one. One that was offered at least, but not supported: never given a chance.

Since the 1940s cyberneticists had been theorizing non-hierarchical mechanisms, servos that respond to feedback.

In 1970 Ivan Illich proposed a non-hierarchical mechanism to replace “schooling.” I offered to institute it: FLEX: The Free Learning Exchange. I further pointed out (or tried to point out) that the same non-hierarchical structure was already perfectly suited to replace the entire marketplace. Allow everyone an easy ad, no one ad (or group of ads) dominating or eclipsing any other ad (or ads). Give everyone, no exceptions, cheap space in which to evaluate offerings from the marketplace. … Cheap publishing? Hell, the market itself could make all decisions, not some publisher, not some group of witch-hunters. If Van Gogh still isn’t bought in a free marketplace, then fuck Van Gogh, and fuck the stupid shoppers. People don’t know how best to survive? Then let them fail and die: as soon as possible. Clear the dance floor.

Of course people who can’t dance don’t want to be swept from the dance floor. That’s why we want Mary to intervene for us. We want Jesus to forgive us for killing him, give us eternal bliss: even though we’re not repentant, don’t know what repentance is.

That’s why we want magic, need magicians, have no tolerance for truth, for reality. And illusionists like Charlton Heston, Ronald Reagan (backed by teams of illusionists (Hollywood, the Times editorial staff, the FBI Lab, Dow Chem, Harvard …)) are ten times the magician/illusionist Moses ever was.

God, with a capital G, of course has to forgive us, has to give us pie forever, even if we’re the one who stuck the spear in Jesus’ side: because God has no free will. He has to do what the Church has promised for him: give us pie forever: so long as we brought a candle from the priests. On the other hand, what about god? the truth? reality? No such promise has been made by the universe. (I’ve never heard the universe promise anything. Extinction perhaps, silence once more being the only word.)

Still: I’ve very fond of imagining god as God: judging us, knowing the truth, being pure: uncorruptible, unbribable … I can’t help it: it’s what I was drilled in respecting and hoping for in childhood. The other day I wrote that all god has to do to prove that the three card monte cheat is cheating is not to convince his lawyers, but to hold him upside down and shake the extra cards from his sleeves. You don’t need no Harvard degree to see the cheating if you could just rip the roof off of Congress. Maybe poker players sitting on a rock may be permitted sleeves, but not the professional dealer: particularly not once the buck stops at him and never circulates again. Why should we care if our neighbor encloses his virgin while she poops? But no one is public office should ever be permitted such a closet.

god shouldn’t need to outargue Clarence Darrow. god should only need to point out that our teacher is standing while we are coerced to sit.

Hey! Just show that seven second delay mechanism. QED. Next case.

2006 02 25 Note that all human societies that become players among the warring nations have been centrally organized. Centrally indoctrinated people can no more imagine the harms of centralized management than can Catholics image harm from their Church: even while witches are being tortured.
All god (decentralized) has to do to hoist God (centralized) by his own petard is to show that the God essence is centralized. Next case.
That of course is a joke. Decentralized activities don’t prove things, don’t make a show of hoisting by petards. It’s impossible even for an innovating decentralizer to evaporate centralized habits entirely from his processes.
Note also though that the brainwashed is seldom guilty of his own brainwashing. No. The society did that.
And the society perpetually proves its nonfitness by being unable to imagine not prevailing. Every society imagines itself and its clones at the center of its heaven.
Decentralization produces, imagines, no heaven.
2006 03 15 I can’t make it clear enough: Christians bitch about the Temple and the Roman governor’s treatment of Jesus; but the Church keeps Rome’s and the Temple’s structure! Rather I do make it clear: and no one sees it: or, it’s clear without pk saying a word: and no one sees it. Or, we all see it; but few can see any alternative: despite the bulk of historical time before civilization became rampant having been only rarely centralized. Anarchy is our natural condition: and there I’m as conservative as can be. “Improving” on nature isn’t worth the cost.

Two vital people meet: then there are three. Images, ideas … spawn new images, ideas. The tide may run one way, then another. The new tide may swirl, not be perpendicular to the old.
And yet, after a while, once a population of tides has accumulated, tidal regularities may be observable. However many times some word, some image, sends me reeling off on a tangent, once again deflected from my target, there are now enough modules here at Knatz.com, that at least some of what I mean has been surrounded, if not actually said. The above I believe pricks a corner of my target less grossly off than previous shots: even if I’m still not hitting the bullseye. But already other images have spun off: and need to continue to.
I isolate one I’m anxious to get back to. From infancy we’re rehearsed in what happens to bad children: they sit in a corner, they don’t get dinner, they go to hell … Where is the mythology of what happens to bad priests, bad congressmen, bad popes, bad gods …? Well, we have some: a very little. Shakespeare, (the unpublished pk), Gaiman … Here’s a question pk wanted to work into his third novel and hasn’t yet worked into even Knatz.com very well yet: If the punishment for merely thinking of adultery is an eternity of hellfire, what should the punishment be for deforesting a planet? for driving the extinction rate into orbit? for lying to an electorate from its highest position? …

My Dark Beacon followed not a bad boy who hadn’t done his homework, but a more or less normal dentist through the hell that he found heaven to be. I never got to where Dr. Raleigh stumbles onto God judging corporate persons: the Heavenly Hosts vs. General Motors … vs. the US of A … vs. Abraham Lincoln …

A scenario for which I yet have not so much as a note is: the Heavenly Hosts vs. the teacher who stands before forcibly sat children; the network that terrorizes the audience about the dangers of black males when they’re really just sponsored by burglar alarm companies whose ad agent really knows how to scare the potential buyers …

Now: pk has long been a bad boy in many ways. Let’s allow me an eternity of hell fire. Fine. But what punishment should be visited on the publishers who made sure you never saw any of the messages I carried from “Jesus”? And what punishment should be visited on the public that tolerated such publishers? Made them wealthy? Nourished their preposterous view of themselves and their role in society?
On 12 14 2003 I here quoted an email incorrectly assuming that permission would be automatic. I’ll review the possibilities of paraphrase before I restore this section of the file.

Seven Second Delay
2006 01 24 The media protect audiences from exposure to taboos: blasphemies, obscenities, taboo politics, taboo ideas … Folks think of it as decency, not censorship. But: it’s gilding the lily. Cultures are already protected from taboos, with or without editorializing from central management: people in a culture simply do not register what’s taboo, what’s seen as harmful, distasteful … The orthodox audience will hear orthodoxy no matter what the speaker says or does.
Understand, please. I am not protesting this nearly so much as I am merely pointing it out. People are forever vowing, legislating … what they will do, what they won’t do; but we’re naïve, as full of hubris as any ancient Greek monarch. We’re forever making promises we can’t keep, and the culture is constituted to protect the promisers from learning the nature of the problems.

It’s like promising not to kill any more gods: as though intention had anything to do with the limits to behavior. Since one could never know the form the god might take, one would have to avoid killing anything, everything. There, not even the Jainists can succeed. (The early Jainists had no concept of bacteria, of viruses … They could avoid stepping on ants, but that’s about as far as their caution could go.
Try it. Fart loudly at the wedding, see what happens. Say something treasonous to someone conventional. Here comes the seven second delay, built into consciousness … Uh, duh … And if they come back to you with anything at all, 99 times out of 100 it will be something conventional. “I’d skewer my mother’s kidneys and eat them raw.” “… Uh, duh, I like chicken kidneys with wine and rice.”

Any people in any culture will assume that they know what’s being said to them. But we don’t: as I know better than most: having had original things to say, none of them having been heard.


Burglar Alarms:
At the prompting of billy mac, I’ve just seen Bowling for Columbine. Thus, my illustration is really Michael Moore’s.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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