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Christ Proof

/ Social Epistemology / Can humans understand the god among them? If there were a god? among them. I want to scribble a few notes. I’d need several life times to do the subject justice: or, I’d need to encounter … Continue reading

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Extremist Religion

/ Religion / Extremism and religion go together, do they not? automatically? Is not a god an extreme? a tall story? Hyperbole? overstatement overstated? The Jewish god is an extreme of jealousy, of ambition, of braggadocio. Jesus is an extreme … Continue reading

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Results Official

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Kleptocracy / Mission: to explain kleptocracy’s dependence on official decisions: on executives The results are now Official. Fred Capossela I can still hear Cappy’s voice at Belmont, at Aquaduct, at … Continue reading

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Spend the Loot

/ Kleptocracy / first @ IonaArc The gal puts curlers in her hair to hold what she, not her genes, not the weather, put there. Maybe she perms it, sprays it, as well. Maybe she looks good, maybe she looks … Continue reading

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Truth Expired

/ Truth / What kind of a shelf life does truth have? What’s its expiration date? At what point can teachers – Saint Peter, Saint Paul – reverse the facts of the story, reverse the meaning? I’m just watching a … Continue reading

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