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What kind of a shelf life does truth have? What’s its expiration date? At what point can teachers – Saint Peter, Saint Paul – reverse the facts of the story, reverse the meaning?

I’m just watching a cute Korean TV thing on Einstein and relativity. It shows Galileo being threatened with torture for defending the Copernican theory of the universe. Authority said the universe was geocentric; Copernicus said heliocentric: Galileo and his astronomical observations backed Copernicus and his heliocentric model. Good, we all know that. Then the doc showed a contemporary physics teacher, female, Germanic, carefully dusting off Galileo: authority backing the winner, pretending to have been on Galileo’s side the whole time.

Authority lost: in the gospel stories, and in the Galileo stories. But new authorities are telling the story, and they freely change the facts, making themselves the allies of the hero, Galileo in this case. The Jewish priests sabotaged God’s son; now the Christian priests tell stories in which they, the current generation of priests, sacrifice themselves to stand up for the murdered divine scion.

How old does the story have to be, before the basic facts can be reversed? At what point can Germans revise history to claim that they, Germans, protected Jews?

I’ve been sabotaged all my life because I try to remind us that the Temple stood against God, that the Church stood against experience … That by reversing facts and making ourselves the good guys (when the story had cast us as bad guys) we flush the story down the toilet.

Stories that tell the truth can’t be told, not when the bad guys are reversing facts, revising cast, to teach that they’re the good guys.

The Jews told stories that they didn’t listen to the stories, then recast the cast, reversed the meaning.
So Christians told new stories, where Jews sabotaged God. Then universities told stories where Christian churches sabotaged truth. Now secular authorities tell the same stories, but with themselves cast as the Christians!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I used to dream of a Judgment in which sinful pk was publicly forgiven.
(Could sinful pk tell who else was being publicly forgiven? No, no: sinful pk was too busy trying to make himself the center of attention: failing of course.)
Then pk dreamed of offering a better, more honest Bible, telling the story fresh, telling it straight.
Then pk dreamed of a Judgment in which God shows the public what pk actually wrote and offered for publication. The public sees for the first time the suppressed Bible!
Then pk dreamed of a Judgment which merely showed the sabotages: the censors, the liars, the crucifiers, the falsifiers, subverting the old old stories.
But no longer.

Now pk dreams of a Judgment in which no facts are true, that there’s no point at which the old stories aren’t reversed, reversed, reversed. Truth’s shelf-life isn’t even a millisecond. And nothing, nothing whatsoever, nothing not itself toxic, is learned.

Germans Portrayed as Protectors

We just watched a movie, The Help, in which the Mississippians who terrorize the subservient “black” population prove to have been not “everybody” after all, but just one or two bad applies: as soon as Dallas Bryce Howard’s character is humiliated, then everything else turns out to be just fine: and always had been.

The editing robots have been wrestling with me, making their own revisions. Grr.

2015 12 03 Speaking of streaming I just watched a movie on whistleblowers: Silenced. Its tagline is “truth is a dangerous weapon (dangerous to the wielder). The illustrations are all recent: George W. Bush administration, Obama administration: CIA rats ratting on the CIA, the authorities still having the authority, still sending us to school, with themselves the teachers: Jesus still crucified.
Let me remind us of a point I made at K. several years ago from my own experiences as a silenced whistleblower, inventor, victim of kleptocracy: the federal court sentenced me to jail, censored one of my online domains, by which domino act all of my domains tumbled after into oblivion. Stupid court: no one listened to me anyway: they didn’t been to get my blood on their hands, people protected from God’s, god’s, and my ideas by their blugeon: the people protecting themselves from our ideas, by being damned, deaf, and stupid: doomed.
Anyway: I was bounced around federal detainment cetners till after several months I was shipped to my tailor institution: fed satellite low in Jesup, GA. There I exercised around the yards between lockups, jogging with child rapists, meth cooks … and an awful lot of FBI and CIA thugs. One such told me how his job was to grow weed to be distributed by the Hells Angels, under contract with the FBI. He told how the FBI had poured millions into his pockets as he farmed large tracts, under fed protection: illegal protection for illegal merchandizing, illegal profits, huge profits. But then the feeb decided he knew too much: his son he said was still running the business: but could be for much longer: the son knew as much as the old man, almost.

Anyway, it was obvious that the fed didn’t give a rats ass what their betrayed brethren told this sabotaged anarchist: obviously no one listened to me. Macbeth’s administration has to worry about Malcolm and Donalbain, etc., but not about peasant witnesses to the regisice. Pilat had to worry about Caiaphas, not Peter.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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