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This morning my consciousness began to dawn mid-dream. I was dreaming that I was starting a “new page”. In my dream the basic defaults for NewPage were in place, I wasn’t arguing with them: the page would read left to right, top to bottom. The language would be English, standard grammar; the cosmology would be familiar: monotheistic, at least at first, male gendered, except where otherwise specified; heterosexual: female would be understood to be attractive, male manifest but ignored … In my dream I dreamed of my NewPage as blank, full of freedom, but nevertheless default assumption Text; not graphics and text snaking together, like a magazine, and certainly not a movie, text snaking amid pictures, text kind of cheating … And no pop up ads. Meta levels would be minimum: there could be a title, then a headline … Meantime my consciousness was interrupting my dream to assume that each paragraph in the text would be a table: I would control cells of information, specify alignments locally …

Each table, reading top to bottom, then next table, would further assume vertabrate characteristic, mammalian values …

freedom would be assumed, at least as rhetoric; actually everyone would be compelled to be schooled, so independent minds would be stunted, lassoed, corral … And the revisionists would be put in charge to assure that majority reputations were assumed, actual experience buried. In other words, the kleptocrats in power would author histories in which the Americans are the good guys, wounded soldiers would be accurately estimated provided they were in the goodguy uniforms while enemy personnel statistics would be swallowed, ignored, miscounted … Every few generations the self-flattering defaults would be restored: the Spanish Inquisition was misguided but the CIA torturers are the good guys, their dead prisoners are accidents, not victims. In other words, it’s the Jews who would have crucified Jesus, the Christians who would have stuck up for him if only they had been there: meantime, no one flayed Hypatia, Hypatia can’t have been a genius or the Christians wouldn’t have stoned her. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s enslavement of the south, Lincoln’s appropriation of the south’s slaves was done for the best and most moral of reasons, and his murder of the plains Indians and grabbing their land to land-grant whichever white guy got there fastest, all that never happened, we just have the land: because God gave it to us: the good guys, the white guys, always wearing the white hat. Only now the white guys have shifted, but it’s not OJ, and not Bill Crosby, it’s Kanye West, and Ben Carson, the sleepy doctor.

i’ll scribble and scribble but post so I can take a look as I go

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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