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Sexy ‘Fifties

/ Music / The 1950s had an abundance of rivetingly sensuous chanteuses: at home and abroad: Billie Holliday, Lena Horne, Peggy Lee, Jeri Southern … Edit Piaf … Om Kalthoum … The latter seduced millions over many decades, the ’50s … Continue reading

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Racist Note

Site Note A decade or so ago I wrote with confidence that one or two readers actually understood me, didn’t freak at my semiotic epistemology, didn’t auger into the ground at my ironies or my sarcasms. That’s no longer true. … Continue reading

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Messangers & Messages

/ Cosmology / Theo … / The mailman delivers the letter. He’s entrusted with it. Does the mailman have to know the message? Or is the message none of the mailman’s business? God gave Jesus messages to deliver. Is it … Continue reading

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/ Culture / Racist Note A decade or so ago I wrote with confidence that one or two readers actually understood me, didn’t auger into the ground at my ironies and sarcasms. That’s no longer true. Also, once upon a … Continue reading

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Art Scrapbook

/ Art / Sloe-Eyed Keane 2016 11 06 I just discover that the great Tim Burton made a movie about Margaret Keane and her big-eyed children. Keanes appeared in sidewalk art shows in the early 1960s. I’d been hanging around … Continue reading

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Law & Ritual

/ Law / Law uses science. Sometimes, at its convenience. But law is not science. Law is far closer kin to ritual. Understand, law seeks uniformity, consistency, a common denominator (in its scientific sense. Ritual as its base is magic. … Continue reading

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Semiotic Scramble

/ Movies / 2016 01 12 War Games The other night I tried (and failed) to show War Games to my darling: last week we saw Matthew Broderick in Trainwreck, Jan didn’t know who Broderick was. So NetFlix mailed us … Continue reading

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Mug Proof

Here’s a theme that’s been at K. for decades: time to add comments and to coordinate some of the chatter: My girl is worried about her granddaughter, an attractive girl in her early twenties, living in Brooklyn, commuting all around … Continue reading

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Catholic Abraham

/ Cosmology Etc. / Religion … God / God spoke to Abraham. Abraham spoke to God. According to the Jews, the Muslims too: except when Muslims mean God they say Allah; and Allah spoke to Muhammed, and Muhammed spoke to … Continue reading

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Sgt. Pepper Symbols

/ Scholarship / K. Symbols / This new years day, yesterday, my head was teeming with semiotic points, today I launch a scrapbook on the crowd. I’m glad my life is running down and out though I also wish I … Continue reading

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