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God spoke to Abraham. Abraham spoke to God. According to the Jews, the Muslims too: except when Muslims mean God they say Allah; and Allah spoke to Muhammed, and Muhammed spoke to Allah. (And they’re likely not saying it in English.)

And God spoke to Moses, and Moses spoke to the Jews.
Uh oh, watch out here: God is getting blocked by middlemen.

When God spoke to me, inspiring me to envision an internet in 1968, ’69, I tried my best to pass it along, still do. I didn’t argue with God, I didn’t say, “Hey, wait a minute, Why not tell ’em yourself?” and I certainly didn’t expect to hear my fellow man say, “If God wants us to think internet, why doesn’t he tell us himself?” No, no: the people were already used to middle men: churches, popes … Sons, disciples, more churches, tele-evangelists …

I Can Get It For You Wholesale

Abraham had God to spak to him. Moses had God. My Calvinist Sunday School teacher had God. At least in his case my teacher told us that God had revealed to him that he was Saved. Mr. Dade didn’t present me with the internet. Mr. Dade didn’t show me how an internet could replace all the middlemen: replace angels and churches and Billy Graham.

Jan and I just watched Philomena, Judi Dench, Stephen Frears (!). Philomena gets knocked up, in Ireland. She and her baby get bulldozed by the Church: by priests, and nuns. The movie didn’t show the Church saying to Philomena, “God asked us to contact you. God appointed us to make sure you felt shame, hated your body, hated your baby, worked as a slave in our laundry, couldn’t avoid considering suicide, or at least murder …”

If somebody knocked on my door, said, “Hello, I’m Fred, with Independent Bank, you owe us a dollar an hour, forever, pay up”, shouldn’t I be able to look up Independent Bank, call them up, find out what this claim is based on? Some priest shows up, says “I’m Bonn, representing Baal (or Moloch): Moloch (or Baal) is hungry, throw your baby on the fire: right now.

Why do people believe people who say they represent God?
Actually, they don’t. They didn’t believe me. Ridiculous: all they had to do was hear what I was saying! What else could I be representing? I couldn’t have invented the internet all by myself. No, I got it from God, largely through Ivan Illich, the great middle man. But Illich couldn’t have thought it all up by himself either, not uninspired. Of course God was the source: the source of the source: the source of all the sources.

Once upon a time your chief was the alpha male every male and every female and every child understood to be the alpha male. You didn’t sit on the battle field, have some runt show up you never saw before in your life and say, “I’m from the White House, I speak for Lincoln, do everything I say, instantly”.

just startin
future point to develop: I can understand God wanting a middleman: we can have no reliable idea how occupied he is, what his minute to minute responsibilities are; what I don’t understand, and have little sympathy with, is middle men who have no introductory papers from God. What I understand even less are people who accept the middlemen’s documents unchallenged. Catholics produce a series of authorities for their role, not least of all tradition: it’s traditional for sheep to accept the priest as acting for God. Protestants pretend to be a step or two ahead relying only on the Bible: but the moment we see that the Bible is 90% fraud, that evaporates. Show me papers from God that are 90% genuine, then we should all listen. Meantime, the counterfeiters should be tarred and feathered.

In my case the genuineness of my messages should be based on the sense they make: where except from God could I have gotten such ideas? Ditto Illich. Ditto Moses? Ditto Jesus?
also develop: theo feudalism: God the Creator, therefore the owner, the ruler …
trouble with us is, we want it both ways: we want God to be the authority, and we want to be his Lieutenants, without any current proof.

In other words we want the sheep to think we‘re God!

That works so long as we make sure that our highest meaning of “think” is very very low.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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