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Jordan DoubleCross
2016 04 11 The Masters climaxed last evening: sanctimonious CBS ritual. Danny Willet, English guy, won, as Jordan Spieth destructed. CBS patched in a camera shooting Willet straight into the setting sun, from the side: other press had the better angle. How, doesn’t CBS own the world? After a second the editor switched, now we interviewed Jordan Spieth, indoors, the lighting controlled: highlighting the loser, not the winner. I was reminded of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will (1935), Nazi propaganda, where brilliant Leni zoomed in on the German competitor on his bronze medal platform, trying to edit out Jesse Owens, the Black!, on the gold medal platform: editing truth into falsehood.

But then the Masters is the Masters, CBS editing the lies: Masters of the Universe! that is, white guys, cheating, editing information, propagandizing. The Masters, Augusta National, still does not admit women or blacks! They will, but then, kleptocrats forever, telling God what God said, forging texts to say it, the KKKers will say that it was their idea: they didn’t crucify Jesus; Jesus got crucified ’cause he loves them so, the liars.

Windy Unravel–golf.html
reports rough conditions to knock competitors around the course. I’m reminded of a time I played solo behind a couple of scratch golfers. They were playing quickly, expertly, I caught up to them because I was playing alone. I watched in awe as they knocked montrous drives from the tee, magbificent second shots, short putts for birdie … Until they got to Lido Beach’s famed 16 Hole, par 5: drive over water, big water, second shot also over water. These guys were on the apron of the green, putting uphill, ten, maybe twelve feet, for eagle: each guy’s ball lying right by the other’s. I laid back, I didn’t want to be breathing down their necks, inept me, expert them.

Guy #1 lines up his putt: putts. The ball climbs the green, dead-on toward the hole, you could see the wind halting the ball as it strove. The forward curve of the ball hesitated at the rim of the cup, then trembled, halted, reversed. The ball rolled back precisely to its former address position. Guy #2 duplicates that feat exactly. Now their lying three, putting for birdie. Same exact thing repeats, exactly the same result: eagle putt, birdie putt, par putt: these guys are putting from the same couple of grass blades. #1 hits his par putt harder: it still halts on the cut’s rim, then reverses. Finally #2 blasts his par past the hole. Now he’s putting with the wind, downhill: normally not an advantage. He makes par, cheers, wins the notorious hole!


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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