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2016 02 06
klep posts sabotaged by my arrest in 2006, further sabotaged by the govt censoring K. (and more) in 2007, but not yet resurrected: the resurrection queue for klep material.

Klepto Complicity
gotta scribble something about how all kleptocrats, Jesus too, me too, God too, yes, and you too, are complicit in the culture’s lies, thefts, propaganda …

Tag Team
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Tag Team

What I plan to develop in this module relates to any number of my themes at both Knatz.com and at Macroinformation. What I’ll be talking about here relates to the concepts of emergence and also cognition: information affecting structure.
In the 1950s I’d see pro wrestling at my friend Rudy’s house. Argentina Antonina Rocka would spin opponents on his shoulders and drop them onto the canvas. Ooo. I remember seeing tag team for the first time. One guy would wrestle his opponent over near the ropes by his corner where his tag team partner would further harry the opponent: all illegal, all invisible to the professionally blind referee. Ooo: cheater! cheater! Even the cheap seats can see the cheating.
Police work has by now long-evolved the good cop / bad cop tag team. It’s just like theism in its familiar Mono- brand. The one deity seduces you with niceness; his also invisible partner threatens you with … threat. Unspecified threats may seem extra nasty.

Governments, cultures, enterprise … worked by tag team long before there were police departments. One team hits the people over the head, chains them up, and throws them onto a boat. In another port, another team sells them as slaves. In another city another team says it’s all legal. …

Notice: in wrestling, the referee seldom notices the tag teaming. If he does, it’s only the wrestler officially in the ring who’s warned, threatened, chastised, corrected. Rarely would be whole team be penalized or disqualified. NEVER is the corporation designing the scenarios disciplined. Hell, they write the ref’s pay check.

The incomparable Russell Baker wrote an op-ed piece in the mature Watergate years explaining that the owner of the Washington Post could never be disciplined however much the other papers might accuse her of treason. Neither would Woodward and Bernstein be. No, it’s the assistant to the assistant mail clerk who opened the letter that held the classified information about tag-teaming from the executive who would do life at hard labor. At worst the owner of the paper would be sent on a government expense paid vacation to the Caribbean: punishment suspended as the fed would have no suitable escort to send with her.

Once slavery becomes unfashionable, maybe somebody who wielded a knout in Africa gets his hand slapped. The legislators get raises, full retirement … statues built.

“Christianity” imposes a tag-team atmosphere onto “Eternity.” In our daily lives it’s all of our institutions that tag-team us: the goat.
That just kicks us off. More coming.

Elsewhere [Boundary] I’ll develop a related idea: different qualities of behavior may emerge from multiple players: but to what extent are individuals really “individual” anyway? Is not any organism that we call an individual and think of as an individual really already a community?

Tudor Succession

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Macroinformation.org & Knatz.com / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Kleptocracy /
Tudor Succession

Just seeing the movie Lady Jane, with the precious Helena Bonham Carter, for the first time, I am reminded of a point I first heard in graduate school that I enjoyed repeating while teaching Renaissance literature. Second to American history, American history teaches mainly English history. Thus, we’ve all heard about Henry VIII’s divorces, Bloody Mary’s purges, and so forth. Our learning is silent on what went on elsewhere during the same periods.

I’ll add more detail another time, but right now, quickly: the English during their religious wars, killed their kings! Other countries killed their populations!

And remember: once Papa Philip died, Alexander the Great immediately killed all of his brothers! And he didn’t need a congress full of lawyers to do it.

Union: Overcoming Secession
Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Macroinformation.org & Knatz.com / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Kleptocracy /

Lincoln asked his Cabinet if he should proclaim slavery to be outlawed. Not is slavery wrong (as an ethical consideration); no: should I as chief executive, arbitrarily (and tyrannically, not-at-all democratically) outlaw slavery: as a practical, a political, consideration. To a man the cabinet voted Nay. Lincoln said, “The Ayes have it.”

At least there’s no part to the story (as I’ve heard it) that then has Lincoln say Let’s make that unanimous, and some secretary then recording the vote as thirteen Yes, zero No (instead of twelve No, one Yes, only the one Yes counting).

2016 09 05 Actually, that’s as it should be. By law, it’s the president’s decision. The cabinet minister gets to express an opinion: his “vote” is a metaphor, not a power.

Abbot says to Costello, “How much money you got?” Costello answers “Ten bucks.” Abbot says, “We’re friends, right? Share and share alike? I’ve got no money at all. Give me five and we’ll both have five.” Costello does. Abbot comes back, “How much money you got? “Five bucks.” And Abbot goes away with two and a half. And so forth till Costello has one penny left.

Abbot says to Costello, You got a gun? Costello says Yes. Abbot says I got no gun. But I’m taller. You give me your gun and I’ll keep us both safe. Costello does. The Right To Bear Arms means that Abbot will keep Costello disarmed for ever. Unless a rival gang approaches. Then Abbot will give Costello the gun and tell him to fight, then take the gun back when Costello has beaten them off.
The candidate for office runs on the platform that two terms in office should be the maximum (his opponent running for a third). After two terms in office, the new office holder says he’s changed his mind. I told Nixon that if he was afraid of losing his bid for reelection he should just extend his Presidential term, cancel the election. His reply showed that the White House interpreted my treasonous insult as intelligent input from the public.

Thirteen states united, formed a Union. Thirteen became more than thirteen. When “half” no longer liked this “union,” they were stuck. Once Costello has given Abbot his gun, he’s screwed. (Maybe he’s screwed anyway, but isn’t it better for a male predator to die fighting than to be enslaved?)

I just heard for the first time that during the Civil War, New York City thought of itself seceding from the Union: no, not to join the South and its confederacy, but rather to be an independent city: to follow the economy, not the politics. (Isn’t that a funny idea? Yes, sometimes politics and the economy are not identical, coextensive, synonyms …)

Who wins an election depends in part on who’s doing the counting. Similarly, membership in a group depends on who’s doing the counting. The ducks counted the swan as an ugly duckling. The swan itself didn’t yet know enough to protest.

Our mother Eve was the first example of this new species Homo sapiens sapiens: but wouldn’t her mother, her sisters, her husband, her sons, her daughters, her neighbors, the marauding predators, have counted her as a member of the old species? I flatter myself that I am not a human being: I’m something different, something better. If I’m not, at least I wish I were. But the cop, the census taker, the phone canvaser … will call me … whatever they want to call me: a white male, a Protestant American … Someone on the street may assess me differently: a honkey, a gringo, a male pig … a communist, a terrorist … an intellectual.

Virginia, Alabama … decided that they wanted to be a Confederacy of states instead of near helpless members of the Union. Washington DC wanted to continue to count them as members of the Union. I remember a grade school teacher explaining to us kiddies why it was so important that we attend school: the more heads they can count, the more federal money pours into the system. Therefore body counts counted.

James Burke has explained all this. Napoleon took a census. Austria had “many” citizens; Napoleon had forty million Frenchmen. It scared the bejesus out of the Austrians, the Italians, the English … So then the Austrians, the Italians, the English too had to have a census. Ever since, governments need body counts. It hardy matters whether those counted are living or brain dead: since Napoleon, it’s all been numbers, just numbers. A new Napoleon will jar some from an old stupidity into a new stupidity.

After I was assaulted (and was arrested as a co-assaulter), a patriot recommended that I contact the head of the local militia. I tried to. It was very difficult: he was in hiding, had just been in jail … The police had declared war on the militia, the police had won. I finally got to meet this guy — Sir David he calls himself. Sir David was the pope of his own church. Sir David’s home was his church; his church was his home: off limits to the police according to the letter of the law; unless it’s the police deciding for itself which churches are churches (and therefore protected) and which aren’t. The police raided Sir David in his home, pistol whipped him, dragged him to jail … where I’m sure they registered him as a white, American male.

No, no. Sir David seceded from the United States: decades ago. As had I. No one notices.

There are times when I point it out. Mostly, I don’t bother. If people were deaf and dumb yesterday, should we suddenly expect them to be alert and sentient today?

Swift has his Gulliver bound in his sleep by Lilliputians. Had the Lilliputians woken him up to read him his rights? No, he was a giant, they didn’t trust him, they incapacitated him. Should Gulliver have behaved as though he was dealing with peers? Should pk? Should Sir David? Should Jesus, Abelard, Galileo …?
Later, Swift has his Gulliver living among Yahoos, then among Houyhnhnms … then back “home” among Englishmen. Gulliver can’t stand it and moves into the stable.

(Was Gulliver then able to converse with the horses in the stable? Were the horses his peers? No, but it was less disgusting than living in the tenements among the men.)


2016 06 26 Britain just secedes from the European Union. Now Scotland wants to secede from Great Britain. Go Scotland! Now Texas rekindles it’s talk of seceding from the US. I’ve talked of seceding all my life: still no one hears anything, no one understands, or, they hide if they do. Don’t dare show unity till some threshold is acheived.

Next I want to see New Mexico, Arizona … secede from US, maybe ally with Texas: or Mexico. Where do nations get off being nations anyway?



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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