Kobe Rape Case

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@ K. 2004 July

The Lakers decided that Kobe Bryant is the focus of their 2004-2005 team. The Lakers let Shaq go.

But Kobe has a trial hanging over his head. Theoretically, Kobe could go to jail for the rest of his life. Kobe is accused of rape. Yet the Lakers just signed him for seven more years at one hundred thirty-six million dollars. Would the Lakers have signed him as a janitor if a fix weren’t securely in place?

And within a week, it comes out: the judge will allow the accuser’s sexual history to be brought before the jury.

Understand: we’re talking law, not science. In science all evidence must be admitted. All hypotheses must be allowed. By those standards science clearly is not humanly possible. But some scientists do the best they can. Some try to approach the ideal: even if it’s impossibly out of our reach.
No, the law decides what evidence may be looked at and what evidence may not. The senator may watch the porn: and decide whether or not the banker, or the paper boy, may also watch the porn.

2016 02 19 A dozen years have passed. I intend the bulk of my K. modules to be multi-relevant, to many times; here the specifics are perishable, transient, ephemeral. Now Kobe’s much in the sports news cause he’s retiring, taking a star’s series of curtain calls. Good for him. Shame on us if wrongs prevailed and rights were suppressed.
But the hell with Kobe: focus on Steph!

In law, as in stage illusion, the evidence is managed.

Think. Kobe had … what? fifty? seventy? one hundred million in endorsements? The woman accuses him of rape. Kobe has zero in endorsements: just like that. Whether fifty or one hundred million, the government will tax 50% of it. In kleptocracy one automatically has one big parasite attached to one’s money tract. The sponsors will still spend that same fifty or one hundred million, the government will still get to siphon some. But will the government get to siphon 50% if the millions are distributed around? The government might only get 20%! This Kobe Bryant accuser has already cost the government its 50% of millions. How well disposed toward her can we expect the government to be?

Not at all well disposed. No. The court will now allow the oldest of all defenses against the accusation of rape: the woman was a whore.

I just read a cute rational for whores’ above-average incomes. I read so much fiction (as well as science) that I can’t say exactly where I just read it: John Grisham, Caleb Carr, Randy White, James Swain … But somebody tells the story of a young whore exclaiming to the madame of the whore house that she can’t believe men spend so much money for such a little couple of moments: and the madame explains that she and the house are not just paid to allow the penis into the pussy; they are paid to allow that, and they are paid for the whore then to go away: to disappear. Don’t call him. Don’t follow him. Don’t show up with your cats, your dogs, your kids … and expect to move in.

And a whore shouldn’t accuse the john of rape. So: either the woman is not a whore; or, she’s not a very good whore: can’t be trusted. Hundreds of millions of dollars, wiped out, just like that. And so far she hasn’t siphoned any of it personally. That’s not a whore; that’s not a parasite: that’s the devil herself!
So. What really happened? I don’t know. You don’t know. The media doesn’t know. The court doesn’t know. The police don’t know … Are the police, the media, the government … you or I, competent to know what happened in somebody’s hotel room? a year ago? Is God?

Are Kobe or the woman competent to know what happened?

Uh oh. Now pk really is into all sorts of blasphemies. How dare I suggest that human beans are not competent to know anything they want to know?

I’m surprised I didn’t make it clear from the first syllables: I love Kobe Bryant. I’ve loved him since his rookie season. I remember Michael Jordon talking to him after a game. The Bulls had just beat the Lakers. The mature superstar was taking the future superstar aside and, what? bestowing on him some superstar wisdom. Thrill, thrill. Indeed, Kobe has thrilled me, thrilled us all, again and again: and at the level that Michael did. A guy can shoot forty points a game and still not come anywhere near that level. Magic had it. Pearl, Clyde … came close. I don’t remember Chamberlin having it: or Russell, but I wasn’t that keen an appreciator in those days. Sorry I didn’t pay attention to the Big O: or others. But Kobe has it.

I sure hope Kobe didn’t rape that girl. Rape is a terrible crime. Rape should be punished almost as severely as JP Morgan and Flagler should have been punnished for running the Miccosukee off of their Palm Beach oceanside homes.

I’m busy but I’ll try to make a moment soon to discuss further my assertion that however lawyers may define it, and redefine it, what an individual conscience means by rape is not clear, not consistent. Sure the guy putting a knife to the girl’s throat is terrible, but how many “rapes” aren’t quite so clear? I doubt very much that Kobe and his accuser would have the same thing in mind at the same moment.

Maybe someone will pass a law saying that juries which convict divine athletes will have to do five decades of community service: or replace Kobe on the LA floor: and do as well: remind people of MJ, of Dr. J, of what basketball can be.
I can’t see any jury getting the Nike contract.

Can any male understand “rape” the same way a female understands it? Can any “black” understand it the same way as any “white”?

My wife had been date raped once upon a time. I doubt that the guy thought of it as rape: she was white, she was female, she’d agreed to go out with him … This hotel girl agreed to go into the room of a guy who could press her overhead one-handed. Unless he pulled out a gun, how could anything he did be regarded by a majority as rape?

(Can a Christian understand anything the same way a cannibal does? Can a physicist understand anything the same way as a Christian?)
(Can any statist understand anything the same way that a philosophical anarchist does?)

Can any ruminant understand anything the way any predator does? Can any pathogen understand anything the way an ordinary parasite does?

2004 07 29 By God, now even Colorado has gotten in on it! I quote Reuters: “Colorado officials on Wednesday mistakenly placed on the state court’s Internet page a confidential filing that contained the name of the woman who has accused basketball star Kobe Bryant of rape.”

Why do people tolerate the law? Why do people blame the defendant doubly when the cops, the courts fuck up the case? Only in this particular case I don’t think the public is blaming Kobe. He’s simply too good an athlete.

2004 09 02: It’s official! The gal has retreated.
But what about the truth?
What? In a human society? !

2004 12 27 Reuters today says that the Christmas day game between the Heat and the Lakers garnered more TV viewers than any regular NBA game in the past seven years. Is there a lesson there? One that the NBA, David Stern, advertisers could benefit from? How would we monitor future news to detect a lesson learned? Will more stars molest hotel employees than do already?

I watched part of it. I am very disappointed to report that I’m greatly less in love with Kobe than formerly. But Shaq bores me too.

Where’s Michael?
Can even the Laker die-hards get excited for this years team? How come Steinbrenner doesn’t disassemble the Yankees every time they win a few in a row? Can anyone explain the Bulls or the Lakers to me? Lose Phil Jackson? A second team to do so? Is there any connection in the big-business world between success and intelligence?

All Star Eclipse
2016 02 15 I was just shuffling quickly through the mornings sports news. A clip shows Kobe scoring in the All Star Game, and Westbrook. There’s a glimpse of Steph Curry … And immediately I realize: King James isn’t being shoved in our face quite so ferociously as has been normal for some time now. I don’t doubt that Lebron will come up and up and up, but it’s already the fact: he’s not at the top.
Yesterday I read that Steph had promised Kobe to pass him more than his fair share of the ball. And Kobe, moralist, Christian, that we all know he is, upbraids Steph: No, don’t cheat on my behalf: cheat me ten good minutes, not twenty, not thirty.
The media pretends that the season is evenhanded; but no body wants the all star game to be eve4n handed. Nobody wants Kobe’s swan song to be democratic, or Christian. Except: I must no longer say “Christian” when what is mean is AnaChrin.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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