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Eureka! I got it! Finally! AnarChrin! That’s my religion. That’s what I believe: AnarChrism! I’m an AnarChrin. Or AnarChrist. An Anarchist Christian. AnarChrist, the “A”, capitalized: ’cause it’s a religion!

I’ve mucked for decades with variations of “Christian” to emphasize my contradictory meanings. I’ve used the word Christian to mean Christian (wrong headed, wrong, essentially no different than the crucifiers): and Christian (meta-Christian). I’ve explained it as I went: but no one understands my explanations: I say what I mean: the world hears what it means. The world hears whatever it wants to mean. It means what it means, and it makes me mean what it means; not at all what I mean. And not at all what I see god, capital-god, meaning.

I’ll fuss with the word, settle on the spelling I like, and on my accepting pronunciation. How about AnaChrin? Use “ch” to end one part and to begin the next? AnarCh-Chrin? Don’t be confused: I’m tasting it.

I believe in god; but not in God.

Not believe; I observe that existence, life, the world, has an essence: a healthy essence, a normal essence: that’s god!

I do not believe in the Jewish creator with the beard. And the temper, and the lust for mutilation of children: making boys bleed, like a woman. Christ, how sick!
(Worst, like a circumcised girl! Gag!) (The injury to the boy, however real, is superficial, seldom fatal; the injury to the girl is matched only by the injury to the entire culture!) I do not believe in the bearded fiction that some humans rally around to impose human authority on others, misidentifying it as divine. Kick dogma in the crotch, don’t be cowed. You see, it isn’t as though we know what we’re talking about.

I’ve said what I meant, for decades, and decades. But no matter how well I say it, it doesn’t do any good. People don’t know how to read, or how to hear, or how to think. That’s thwarted me, but it hasn’t stopped me.

I sometimes wish I did believe in a literal God, a judge: who’d actually finally some day get things right! That God can’t use reason, he’ll have to use magic to make things clear, clear to muddled human beings. St. Paul was right about one thing: reason and people don’t go together. Reason might be reliable if we could only know what it is. Oh, Newton might know, or Kant, or Einstein: any of us on occasion: some of us familiar to rare occasions, some of us utter aliens. I don’t believe in a literal God, but I don’t believe either in a literal universe, or a literal gravity, nor a literal neutrino. I believe in a literary Hamlet, and in a literary God, a literary world.

If I were a couple of years younger, if my sight were a bit less macularly degenerated, I would want to transfer the bulk of my teaching files to a new domain: AnarChrin. Let hold personal stuff: have two main domains.
Meanwhile I’ll scan K. for instances of my fumbles toward a better word than Christian for what I mean: Christiaprimity …

I believe an historical Jesus not at all. I believe in an historical God not at all. I believe in an historical Bible not at all.

I believe in Christ as a gravity wave. I believe in god as a pole of evolution.

I no longer have faith in evolution: I don’t believe that we are destined to arrive anywhere: but in the mire. Evolution, social man, social evolution, may have a direction, but not a destiny. Like a Rubix cube, one second it may “solve”, then the next second unsolve. I trust Evolution, minus the destiny.

Anarchist Christian is of course an oxymoron. That’s exactly what I mean it to be. But “Jesus Christ” is already an oxymoron, as I’ve said for decades.
If only conversation, discussion, understanding, communication were possible.

I of course mean both sides of the paradox. If you think things must resolve to one side then you can’t understand anything I’ve ever meant.

pk @ Marcus wed
I didn’t look so bad at my son’s wedding, did I?

What I think I will do is prepare to launch this post as a section: subdivide it, make the sections work in multiple dimensions.

Christianity has always been filled with rampant contradiction; but Christians have commonly been seeking frozen hierarchies: Jesus is humble, the victim, the helpless prisoner; and at the same time be king, chief torturer, punisher, boss, landlord …

Disgusting. You carry away the part you want, but of course you carried and spread the opposite too. Arrogance servant to humility.

Do I think my clarifications will help? No.
I used to wish.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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