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Kleptocracy: Jesus Hiawatha pk

Orthodox Christianity has it that

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son …

The Roman’s torture and execution of Jesus wasn’t an expression of their kleptocratic nature; it was a gift from God. The killers were fulfilling God’s will. Hmm. Looks awfully like to me that we knocked God down and took it. Jesus wanted to give us salvation; we preferred to knock him down and take it.

Whatever the nature of God in the story, I clearly recognize US in the story. If Macy’s is giving away oven mitts, we’ll burn Macy’s to the ground to grab our oven mitt.

Of course all that God, Jesus, salvation business is myth: old stories. Rome and Rome’s behavior in the story is readily recognizable, but God, Jesus … What do we know about God or Jesus? Here’s something a little closer to home:

The Five Nations of North America (you know, the Mohawk, the Seneca …) have legends about Hiawatha. Centuries ago, before Columbus got ships from Queen Isabella, Hiawatha walked among the territories of the Five Nations (which covered a good part of eastern North America). He saw strife, fratricide, chaos … Way before the Nina or the Pinta or the Mayflower Hiawatha gave the peoples a set of laws: the Great Law of Peace. The law was a bicameral democracy. Women were granted great respect, judiciary and executive were distinct from the two legislative bodies …

Sound familiar?

United, and sometimes called Iroquois, the peoples prospered. Then came new colonists: budding off of kleptocracies in Europe. After a time the sons of the new colonists wanted to govern and tax independently of the old kleptocracies. The Iroquois offered their leadership, gave the colonists blueprints of their Great Law, sent teachers to teach the concept.

No, thanks, said the colonists,

We’ll just knock you down and take it.

2016 02 06 Rereading Nock, Our Enemy the State, I’m reminded: the English settlers (all indentured to the English company) first tried to enslave the natives: failed (complex, interesting), then tried to exterminate them (a giant step, but not entirely successful either).

That’s right. We grabbed what we were being offered for free. We stole the gift, then slandered as well as slaughtered the givers. Told lies: said we got it from Locke, from the Greeks … (Well, we did: but more immediately from Hiawatha.)

Where does pk fit into all of this? He’s not the only begotten son of God. He’s no legend; except in his own mind. Simple. In 1970 I offered the world a cheap internet. A global village. At cost.

Illich had explained it: what people need to get away from being coerced to attend rituals of other people’s devising, was unregulated grassroots information. Emerging states had helped people get away from coercions from churches; then we were helplessly in thrall to the states: had to attend school, had to get a note from our doctor … Being forced to consume English lessons (given by some illiterate magically fiated to be a “teacher” by the state) is just as bad as being forced to stand (or sit) still for mass, for confession … to have to buy candles from the church …

Once upon a time the magicians lived free by promising us that the volcano wouldn’t fall on our head. Then the magicians lived for free by promising us salvation if we bought their candle. Now the magicians live for free by promising us that we’ll all be educated (what would a state know about knowledge?), all have higher wages (meaning we’ll all be working for somebody else!), all have doctors looking up our ass (with a free pipe line to our wallet) …

Illich pointed out that with cybernetic data-basing, with satellite communications, people could coordinate their own movements, keep their own records … jettison the authorities. The technology was in place, all that was needed was a will to use it (and maybe a little shove). Illich’s invitations was all the shove I needed. I recognized what he was saying to be in line with what Arthur C. Clarke, R. Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan … had been talking about: a global village. Churches and Governments a thing of the past.

Illich never said that he’d do it: he just gave us the design: free.
(“free” meaning buy his book, borrow it from a friend, get it from the library … Freedom is NOT linked one-to-one with price, with cost … Free? Think politics, not dollars.)

I said that I’d do it. I’d be the world librarian: for my own neighborhood, but ready to coordinate with any and all neighborhoods: world-wide, galaxy-wide, cosmos-wide. My FLEX would collect, organize, and display information on people and things as well as books: all volunteered, no coercion. If you don’t want my free ad, don’t take it. Only volunteered information is welcome in the system. You could have a store and say where it is; you could have a store and keep it invisible. No one has a right to your phone number. But, for those who want their phone number known, here’s one coordinated system for displaying it. We’re used to white pages, yellow pages, local libraries … But Illich was talking about a system that would be able to display ads for the library and the bookstore and the author and the reading teacher … and the purveyor of reading lists. I made the simple adjustment of showing that the same system, an extended card catalogue, could apply to all possible markets.

With roads, the car dealer could say he’s on the highway, at the corner of the other highway. With Ma Bell the car dealer could say call me at 222-1212. With Illich’s learning webs the book store could say Here we are — and the math teacher could say Here I am. With pk’s FLEX anyone for any reason could list road intersections, phone numbers, email, prices, conditions, warranties … and favorite meatloaf recipe … and your otherwise unpublished novel.

Get it? No censorship possible. No compulsory attendance. No coerced taxes. Anyone could tell any truth: or any lie. But anyone could also post any comment on any of the resources. So long as any Ford owner can say world wide and cheap that the Edsel is a lemon, there no harm in Ford saying whatever it wants to about it.

Lies should winnow from truth by natural washing processes; not by prescriptions and proscriptions from authorities.

I’ll fill in more of this here, but I shouldn’t have to. I’ve been saying it for close to four decades. Much if not all to be said about it has been posted at DeCentral / DePro. Skip to the chase: I said, “Here. Take it. It’s a gift.” That is, give me the resources, let me support my family — I am NOT trying to get richer than you — this should be a public service, at cost, no government involvement allowed.

You preferred to knock me down, with a few decades, and let the government (and universities, and CERN …) give you this garish, whorish, meretricious internet instead: one which is NOT a public service, not offered at cost.

What can be done about it?

Nothing. Not by humans. It’s what we are. It’s our nature. Passive thieves, sometimes active thieves. Gulls to feed magicians (and every conceivable falsehood).

Let this universe run its course. Then maybe we’ll get to know something about God: and have a better perspective on salvation.

The US
2016 08 10 K. puns on The U S a lot, has for decades. I bet I used to verbally too, when I first got up on soapboxes in 1970 ff. Now I’m in danger of going back to jail. The court is supposed to appoint me another pro bono aide. How I’m Bowdlerizing K. I don’t want some girl with a law course to tackle and beat me up along with the court. So: I’ve censored the c-word from K. And I’ve censored 99% of the n- words from K. But I could dip myself in c- and n- and be imune compared to things I’ve said in volume about our biggest sacred cow, the US. So: I should censor the US from K. too. Substitute Wasi’ Chu: Lakota for “white man”: “greedy pig”.
But of course it doesn’t matter what I say, write, or censor; the kleptocrats have recognized me as a nonconformist since grade school. The conformists can say anything they want; the nonconformists can’t say anything at all, not without strict supervision from the kleptocrats.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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