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The other night the TV showed a pair of Republican presidential candidates “debating”: Donald Trump and one of the Cubans: Cruz: you can see I barely know one from the other. Kleptocrats: it doesn’t matter: individual identities are irrelevant to my introductory thumbnail: Trump was talking away, Cruz was talking away. No one could hear either, neither heard the other.

Two trucks can’t speed together on a collision course and nothing happen. Civilized politicians will be a bore, show their cojones, then yield. Who but Genghis Khan could play chicken to the death?

Anyway the chicken game should have been overruled by the kleptocrats administering the debate: Where was the whistle? Where was the ref? Ah: it was staged! rehearsed!

I remember the “debate from 1988: Geraldine Ferraro vs. George Bush, Bush Senior, the old man: then the only Bush in the national lime light. Ferraro started to speak: instantly, George Bush interrupted her. No one lassoed Bush back, he bulled on, a heavy weight bore. A boar, a bore.

debate bush ferraro
thanx politico

It was a moment we were primed for, ready to ignite and burn. A woman!? debating men?! The Nazis can’t let the Jew anywhere near the battle lines.

There have been cultures where males and females fought side by side, protected each other’s backs, cooperated in closing the net on their victims, but this ain’t one of them. No. God’s female consort has been eclipsed before we come on the scene: the battles we’re pretending to fight have already been lost and won.

The battles we’re pretending to fight have already been lost and won.

When bucks fight for harem rights, territory rights, there’s no referee. Among humans we pretend to be fierce, all within the parentheses of being actually tame.
The other night in OKC, Warriors’ Draymond Green went off in the locker room, cursed had a tantrum that frightened the TV reporter: what was a woman doing lurking near the locker room anyway? Never mind, point is; was Green’s rampage coached? Scripted? He did stir up the Warriors: they did come back from behind, again, and again, until Steph finally put the game away in the last seconds of overtime.

yesterday’s draft, I’ll fix

Of the two both talked at once. Neither appeared to hear or acknowledge the other. The debate supervisors held the whistle. The interrupters interrupted at their leisure. Donald Trump talked, another guy talked. Neither clown yield the right of way?
I was very impressed. I never doubted that both men were trained interrupters. Both might have the stamina to sing a stanza while holding their breath. Maybe they could run a 100 holding their breath: but could they run a 220? or a 440? or a marathon? If Steph can swish from the foul line, and from the three-point arc, and if we see him swish from 28′! And 40 … Can he swish from Brooklyn? from DC?

Interruption has been a major theme of Knatz.com since its inception in the mid-1990s, as being interrupted, by authorities as well as by peers, has been a major experience in my life: teachers, principals … cops … media, institutions …

I was reminded of another presidential debate: 1988, Geraldine Ferraro vs. old man Bush. Geraldine Ferraro became the first female presidential candidate backed by a major party. She “debated” Bush (senior, then the only Bush around the national scene. She started to speak, Bush instantly interrupted her. Ferraro yielded, Bush hogged all lanes. No referee called a foul. Bush was not disciplined, Ferraro was not given penalty points or invited to kick off again, this time from the fifty yard line. It was amazing that a woman had gotten far enough to be interrupted by one of the kleptocracy’s shoo-ins.

Would I have agreed with anything she said had she been permitted to speak? I doubt it. I certainly didn’t agree with anything said by the interrupter: who went on to be elected.

So funny: now we’ve got a woman running for the white House and lots of people assume she’ll win! both the candidacy! and the office! There are and will be plenty of cheap shots, but where’s the hysteria about a woman’s place being anywhere but there? Will Bush interrupt Hillary? or Trump? I don’t doubt that Trump will fight dirty but I don’t expect anything but dirt from the belated half of the Clinton tag team. And of course Bush Senior could have taught dirty tricks to Nixon! You know, I’m tempted to support Hillary just to see Trump humilified.

2017 09 25 Gee, just yesterday or the day before I admitted that had I imagined Trump trying to dictate the NFL, a group of bullies that rejected him, beat, defeated him, I would have voted!. Has any executive since Lindoln been so blatantly unconstitutional? In your face?
2017 09 25 Speaking of Steph, and also of alpha interrupters … and scripts, and rehearsals, ponder this: how scripted is Steven A’s bluster on ESPN? And how political is the ESPN “culture”? How racist is it? (reverse raceist?) And, hand in hand, how sexist (and reverse-sexist) is it?
Watch which alpha-busom MM-bleached female BB-jock journalists interrupt the most. I love it. Michelle! Sage! These girls’ authority comes from Nuremberg networks!
And note that the original slick-mouth female, NBC’s treasure, Ms. Hannah Demosthenes Storm, with her mouth stuffed with marbles for oratory practice, exercised to win any X-yard dash in alien pronunciations.
And sometimes it’s painful to have to sit and wait for Steven A’s sense to catch up with his bellows.

Well, thus far, I’m entertained. I love the BB coverage as I love the BB, love Curry: and a bunch of the guys..

First drafts don’t always reach the target, even when the target is only one lunge from the starting point. Second drafts sometimes diverge further. If you’re a writer you know what I mean. But clearly, to me, the order could be swift, and not stumble.

Interruption @ K. Menu to come
Also coming up: more on gender wars: extraordinary, I just saw some footage on Holly Holmes / Rhonda Rossey rematch considerations. It showed the girls working out in the gym, sparring, hard, with guys! Unthinkable in the America I was compelled to go to school in!

2016 03 02 Last night the Warriors were back home in Oakland, Steph and Iguodala sat the game out, Steph’s ankled having gotten badly twisted against the Thunder. Jan and I watched some Shogun, let the basketball take care of itself. She goes home, checks in safe and sound, I go and check the score: Warriors comfortably ahead, I go to bed. This morning I learn that the Warriors have barely pulled it out, in overtime! Miracle three from Draymond Green, dandy fakes from Klay Thompson. Which puts us on a new precipice: if Golden State can prevail in one more home game they’ll tie the Bulls record for home games in a row! And guess woh the next opponent will be: OKC! The Thunder again!!
God is scripting this one.


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