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Division by Race
2016 03 Last night my girl and I are watching the Warriors / Thunder. I see a great looking blond guy, Jan goes, “Oh, he’s cute: a white guy!” She’s the daughter of a basketball coach, a champion, Bob Cousy’s high school coach: she knows the game, mostly ignores the NBA but follows the college version: this year has yielded to my obsession with Golden State … Anyway, I hear comments like that from her regularly, though not as regularly as from the general racist audience. Jan isn’t exactly even handed, but she is minimally poisoned by the culture, not maximally. Anyway, reflecting, I think of a zillion non-negroid basketball players we’ve seen in the last week alone: Turks, Brazilians, Ukrainians … I love this game, I love the culture. Now: study Steph’s eyes: what color are they? Where do they come from? The whole damn world!
Oh, and when the negroids are negroid, these days they’re from all over the globe, not just from Monroe, Alabama. Anyway, those African genes are precious: honor them.
So then I’m looking at Steph, and Draymond Green, and KD, and Westbrook … and those guys are gorgeous!

2017 01 28 The recent election seemed to be making things worse, much worse, then better … Trump gets elected making everyone think he’s about to put on a white sheet and start burning crosses everywhere. The closet racists rush out of the closet, find themselves exposed, and scurry back.

Twenty five years ago in Sebring for the first time, the landlord introduced me to a couple of neighbors. The neighbors instantly tried to establish camaraderie by disrespecting “n-“s.
My girl loves basketball, and tennis, but cordially hates the Williams family. Last evening she declared that she wouldn’t even watch the all-Williams Australian final today! She tells a story of Richard Williams almost knocking her down at a tournament in Miami. I can imagine him brushing her aside deliberately, I can also imagine him not even noticing such a cute petite thing. I also think she should cut him a little slack: and push him back!

I see that he’s rude, and vulgar, and a bully as well as male: and three times my girl’s size, but …
Until the US apologizes for slavery … and genocide … and kleptocracy … giving everything that’s been stolen to God for safe keeping … perhaps redistribution.

Kleptocrats don’t own anything legitimately!
(Does anyone?)
Or, if kleptocrats do, I want God to demonstrate it; not the claimants.

I think we kleptocrats should tread lightly. I think we should try to become actual Christians, not just call ourselves Christians.
And, clearly, by “Christian”, I mean nice, reserved, soft-treading …
I want arrogance smitten. I want selfishness to fail.

Well, I’ getting old, going deaf, blind: I’m losing hope that I’ll ever be able to say these things right. Or, I’ve never not said them right; it’s racists, especially “white” racists, who get everything wrong. I sure wish God would hurry up and establish “facts” for “judgment”; but why should he hurry now? He’s always dawdled. Or: he never intended to establish truth at all: he’s abandoned us to our own tendencies. People insist on murder, theft, stupidity? Fuck ’em.

Trump Election Note
Trump “won” by threatening … under veils, by xenophobia, by courting pugnacity … He seduced the lowest common denominator. Whatever evil the other “choices” proffered, Trump was dishing evil at its most primitive. But, that’s not the worst part. Trump was appealing to the pugnacity of patriots, of racists … fine: let the nazis kill every non-nazi, there will still be some humans left yet to kill. Worst of all, Trump was appealing to the pugnacity of the ignorant in their hatred of science, of knowledge, of skill. Humans flourish to the extent we do because some people sometimes actually weigh evidence, some people sometimes change their mind when they see that the world is at odds with their myth. That’s science: and Trump and his supporters are against it. Close you eyes, switch off your mind, and bulldoze, straight ahead.

The universities and schools had sabotaged science before Tump sold his first deed, that’s nothing new: science and politics are incompatible, kleptocracy and science are incompatible (despite there being no other kind!) But success there is tantamount to suicide.

I gotta rewrite this, but you know, actually there’s no difference between hatred of science and racist hatred. That is: not all belligerent ignorances are racism; but all racism is belligerent ignorance.

revisions must be smoothed, edits get choppy.

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Race Scrapbook

Cross-reference with AntiSemitism and other illiberal prejudices. I wish someone would take over the menu-assembling when I die: before I die, actually.

Hey, Asia: check this out: http://qz.com/757850/the-racist-chinese-washing-powder-ad-and-the-truth-about-afrophobia-in-china/



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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