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pk’s digital notebooks, c. 1985 to 1997
aka: id files (as in “ideas”: digital scribble: ease of writing, speed, favored over care or clarity: notebooks to myself! otheres welcome to dibbitz if they can see the files: spelling not agonized over: technical style (capitalization, font characteristics) mostly ignored.

My first story was written about 1948, around age ten. My mother took the dictation and began my manuscript on the typewriter. I typed some of it myself, hunt and peck. I learned touch typing in 1891 (as another form of procrastination of all things!) What I really needed, what we all really needed, was digital word processing. That waited till 1982 and my first novel: when I couldn’t afford the equipment. Thus my first novel found manuscript longhand, on a portable electric typewriter. But by the mid-1980s I got a Tandy 109 notepad followed by the loan of a Commodore 64, followed by a Toshiba laptop. These notes, their character, was formed by the Tandy and for the Commodore. They really went wild with the Toshiba: and transformed into with the Mac: 1990s. Now, 2016, end of April, I mount them raw, where bit by bit I can translate them to English, you welcome to read and guess in the meantime.

2016 04 25 OK, now all the origianal id files are posted: id00 to id44 & id ep.
Tiny digital files became enormous digital files. Word processed notes begun in 1985 grew from Tandy 102 to Commadore 64 to Toshiba lap top … to Mac 7.5 to Mac 10.x. All of, all of pKnatz blog, continue my id files.
Full diapason, some edited, some masterpieces, some unintelligible babble: never mind, get from it what you will.
My payment comes from the realization that it’s too late to save us, was probably too late in 1970 when I founded FLEX, probably too late in the mid-1960s when I offered to interpret Sakespeare’s Sonnets … was probably too late when Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount (and too late through all the previous Jesuses and Johns …)

My next step is to add line breaks. That alone will add intelligibility. But meantime I’ll alter spellings, add a bit of punctuation, clarify (or darken) some ambiguities.

Id Introductions Scrapbook

Painfully slow pk gets on digital word processing in the early 1980s and starts writing like a greased cannonball.

My id files were unfettered by spelling, punctuation … technical formality: get the ideas down, get the story told; fix it later, complete it never.

I’ve always scribbled little notes, tried to organize them, seldom edited them. With word processing, on the Commodore 64, I kept digital note files, especially regarding my first novel. But it was getting my Toshiba laptop, in the mid-1980s, that really started me scribbling, at light speed. I edited spelling only if I thought it was “phonemic”: meant the difference between understanding and not understanding.

I called these my id files: for ideas. For years they betrayed C64 habits: i followed the 64K size limitation for files: by habit. Once on the Mac, I could word process “any” size file, swiftly. (Then HTML slowed things back down again: then the addition of graphics, and big graphics, really slowed things down all over again! (Then getting arrested, censored, losing my DSL connection, really really slowed me down.)

On the Mac I stored K. extracts of my id files in a folder called jour: for journal. I could have called it my diary. Hell, it was chronological: April 1986, May 1986 …

Tandy notepad, then C64 borrowed from brother in law, then Toshiba laptop. then, 1990s, Mac 7.5, now 2016 Mac X series.
Tandy very small files; C64 half-page, narrow window, bigger files but still small. Then Toshiba, full powered for the time: Mac, leading edge, even graphics not too slow.

I just wasted a lot of time trying to post (and thereby save) an all-in file of id files 00 to 44 plus idep, etc. Too big, at least 600,030 words: all my scribble from 1985 to 1997.

2016 07 31 It’s beaucoup ironic that my current Bowdlerizing of a few elements in K. “edits” mostly unedited writing. Life is full of ironies, and at our most serious we’re still absurd.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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