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Deaf Memorial

/ Personal / Seasonal / It’s Memorial Day. When I was thirty Memorial Day was when I went skiing: spring skiing: Tuckermans Ravine, Mount Washington, White Mountains, the Presidential Range, New Hampshire: Pinkham Notch: park, pack, climb, camp, climb some … Continue reading

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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Politics / “Pick a card, any card.” When civilized man is offered a choice, how much choice does he really have? It’s true that … Continue reading

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Liberal Cant

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Civilization (NoHier) / Politics / ’60s ‘Nam in New York Prior to college, much as I worked on my vocabulary, I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Rights of Rudeness

/ Stories / Non-Conviviality / Neighbors / Jan has a beautiful home on Lake Charlotte. You see the lake above (banner), the photo at least a decade old. In the post you see her canoe, me, my grandson, my daughter-in-law: … Continue reading

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Sisyphus Sonnets

/ Myth / Sisyphus rolls the rock up the hill: but the rock rolls back down. thanx theonwardupwardjourney So he rolls it up again, and it rolls back down. Are we in the presence of an anthropocentric statement that gravity … Continue reading

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Democratic Macbeth

/ Scholarship / K. Symbols / Shakespeare’s tragedy is so well knows we don’t have to know it very well to understand it as a symbol: the witches tell Macbeth he’ll become king: but it’s his buddy who’ll father more … Continue reading

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Infinite Knowledge

/ Writing / Letters / Just wrote bk (& family), theMarcus: another word, two more words, on BBC math: In the last chapter of The Story of Maths Marcus du Sautoy talks about the mathematicians who stepped into infinity, and … Continue reading

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Thrown Games

/ Movies / Game of Thrones (scrap string) Like, Love, Hate Not too many minutes into it I thought, I’ve seen this before: oh, groan, what dreck. The real shock came when I realized that I’d seen it only a … Continue reading

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Ordered Order

/ Politics / Anarchism / False Choice Pick a card, any card. The magician fans the deck under your nose. (Here, pick a card: pick the card I’m forcing into your hand. You’re resisting the force, then pick this alternate … Continue reading

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Poison Mushrooms

/ Stories by Age / Multiple Ages / I’ve long loved mushrooms, it seems like “always”. Like most Americans I only knew the mushrooms that one could buy in the store: the mushrooms that one expected in restaurants. I was … Continue reading

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