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False Choice
Pick a card, any card. The magician fans the deck under your nose. (Here, pick a card: pick the card I’m forcing into your hand. You’re resisting the force, then pick this alternate card I’m also forcing near your hand.
Democracy means “Pick Government”. Pick coercive control. Pick rape of the commons (and call it “Green”).
My girl friend avidly watches everything having to do with the election. When I roll my eyes she concludes aloud that “I’m not interested”. What could be further from the truth: I just despaire that sense will ever be heard in a society dedicated to profit, luxury, privilege even when the bill clearly reads “Your life”; “everyone’s life”, “nearly all life”.
Anyway last week some commentator said that “ironically” the “anarchists” were very well organized. No, it would be ironic if anarchists were against order; but, speaking for myself, THIS anarchist is for order but against government order!
We live in a universe of order. If there are any other choices we don’t know what they are, can’t know: the big bang was a choice: a choice that’s thus far lasted 14 billion years.
Choosing Democrat or Republican is not choosing order over disorder, it’s ratifying big government over Big Government. It’s like choosing Nitti over Capone: it is Not choosing free enterprise.

Two thousand years ago we put up with Caesar’s Rome over the natural world. The Christian story has Jesus offering a different choice: divinity over secular kleptocracy in the person of Rome (and Rome’s person, Tiberius Caesar). Rome had its superstitions – I don’t think too many caesars took them too literally – never forget Julius was pope of Rome’s religion before he was Caesar over Rome’s politics! Notice though, accepting Roman rule had already been a choice for dictated kleptocracy over Nature (find your own wife, your own shelter, your own food: don’t murder every competitor).
In America we may vote for Cladius instead of Caligula, but …
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cave man. No, no: that would have been a real choice. Real choice has never been available (not even to the cavemen).

What right have I to speak? Why should you ever have listened? No reason: no reason which isn’t already too late. I taught global warming, not as a fact but as a danger which should be noticed, in the 1960s. I got sabotaged. Eleven of twenty-five professors were fired in 1969 for criticizing (by grouped silence!) US behavior in southeast Asia. The schools are there to train gerbils, not to debate philosophy. The other ten teachers may have scrambled around for other jobs, jobs at which they would have known better than to say a single word not already bleached orthodox, government endorsed science a la Lysenko; I chose instead to join Ivan Illich (1970) in offering a cybernetic free marketplace (the Free Learning Exchange). People who wanted freedom, intelligently, were there any, “would” have supported FLEX. “You” didn’t! Even my wife dumped me: but she wasn’t the deschooler; I was.
We had no real choice then, not even with FLEX, the dice were already cast, had been when Jesus was supposed to have offered an alternative to Caesar. The choices were made before Adam and Eve were born.

But then even kleptocracy is an illusion. The funny thing about Judgment is that no one will be aware when it comes, no one will know what happened. We won’t know we’ve been engulfed by global warming, by Big Brother, by Democracy, by suicide-bent magicians. We’ll believe what we see on TV: until we’re all dead.

Personal Note
I love Jan, I can’t do without her. I’ve volunteered to be tarred and featherd, crucified all my life, till now. I’m 77, going blind, deaf. Now my kidneys aren’t what they were. I’m ready to die at any time, but not to be sick while I die. Thus: I don’t argue with Jan over every little thing. I don’t argue with Jan over every big thing. She’s a Republican, she’s an American, she values her property, her properties: current property and inheritance laws, current laws that destroy the earth: in other words her double vision is normal: among Americans, among Republicans. She knuckled under to the Church when she accepted Dr. D.I.’s proposal of marriage, she “converted”. So, since the early 1950s she’s been a Roman Catholic. But she doesn’t believe in Original Sin! at least she doesn’t think it applies to her!
But who in the Church does? The Church teaches that we’re all fallen, that we’re all irrational, that we’re all liars, cheats … but somehow the Church can be trusted!!!
Anyway: Jan was wildly for Donald Trump a couple of months ago. She didn’t want to know why I wasn’t. And, if she doesn’t already know, hasn’t already read what I’ve written, heard what I’ve said, understood what I offered … knows but doesn’t know who Ivan Illich is … then what can I possibly say now?

I meant FLEX to be a choice for life, for free choice, for real, cybernetic, not fraudulent democracy; now I just see it as another in an infinite series of failures, the marks don’t really have choice, only fraudulent choice. We lost the game a long time ago. But soon, inevitably, inexorably, Jan became embarrassed by Trump. Has grown silent. She wanted to like Cruz, but …
But I love her. I can’t do without her. I’m tired of being tarred and feathered, crucified. Now I’ll be as alacritous with hypocricy as any other. I didn’t want to be a schmuck, I wanted to be a martyr, but now, now I’m a schmuck. Time will tell how much of a martyr I still am.

Time will tell? Time may tell, but can it tell anyone who can hear?

Anarchism Scrapbook

The above is already a scrapbook, as is much of K. It’s one of those posts that can go on and on, but shouldn’t need to. The truth, truths, are implicit, whether well or ill-expressed, whether or not any hearing, any potential understanding, is at hand.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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