Democratic Macbeth

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Shakespeare’s tragedy is so well knows we don’t have to know it very well to understand it as a symbol: the witches tell Macbeth he’ll become king: but it’s his buddy who’ll father more kings. Macbeth doesn’t seem to have been greedy before he hears the forecast, but he gooses fate along: murders the reigning king Duncan when No-no-nO Duncan is a guest in his home. Now the whole country has to have a civil war, armies of men and politicians backing the cascading lies.

That’s about all you need to recognize to be true to ratify my use of the symbol. (On your own you should recognize the low esteem in which murdering your guest in held in religions all over the world. There’s hardly a hint of Christianity in Macbeth: quite the opposite: but even distant cousins of Semitic monotheism insist on feeding your guest for three days before you set the dogs on him.) My point is: complicity spreads. Once the public accepts social security from Macbeth’s White Castle, once roads are repaired by exploiting Macbeth’s prison system, railroading men in, spitting slaves out, each generation of the public will not only accept Macbeth as God’s representative on earth, will not only vote to ratify his position, but will vote to accept each lie as a fact.

Same without Macbeth. We kill Jesus and anyone like Jesus, then we rewrite the Bible to say the Jews did it. Basic rights will be withheld from all who don’t salute the flag, pop communion wafers five times an hour. Catch-22-Billion.

Democracy? tyranny? What’s the difference? There is none, not once the people are united in lies.

But the people being united is nothing compared to the bureaucracy once taxes come to depend on orthodox theology. The kleptocracy’s bureaucrats will double down on every fallacy.

As usual at K., more blab will accumulate as a scrapbook.

K. Symbols

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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