Sisyphus Sonnets

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Sisyphus rolls the rock up the hill: but the rock rolls back down.

thanx theonwardupwardjourney

So he rolls it up again, and it rolls back down.
Are we in the presence of an anthropocentric statement that gravity is a law? No exceptions?
Humans don’t like laws with no exceptions: kleptocrats like laws with 100% exceptions: no examples of the rule being true.

Camus’ book eclipsed nearly everything else when I was in college, 1956 ff, and existentialism, Sartre and Camus, seemed to be the hip philosophy.

But understand: I was a Christian: or thought I was, or tried to be, or meant to be: or at least tried to conceal my failures … Funny thing about a religion: you have to take the (seeming) believer‘s word for everything: the sinner tells you he’s saved; listen for God to confirm or deny and you don’t hear much beyond blood in your ears. Anyway, dig it, Sisyphus and his rock, his doom, his damnation (by Christian lights) seems the very antithesis of Judeo-Christian habits of belief. Monotheists normally profess to live in a positive world: God helps out, Jesus comes and saves you. It doesn’t matter how you’ve fucked up, you get the pie. In the sky. When you die.

It’s all very different if the world is rigged against you. Trickery, falsehood, deceit. The Devil! “Evil” with a “D”: like a French aristocrat.
(And never forget: evil is live spelled backwards!)

It’s been a long time since the caveman lived in a neutral universe: you stub your toe: Well, it happens: it doesn’t mean anything. Modern majorities don’t accept neutral philsophies, the kleptocrat bureaucracies, with their cops, and their spooks, con’t want you shrugging anyting off: Well, shit happens.

No. Taxes are best paid to an illumination of divine destiny: the reason we bomb the gooks is because God loves us, and wants to reward us, to favor us, wants us WASPs to own everything. And if it isn’t God, then it’s Abraham Lincoln. And if it isn’t Abraham Lincoln, then it’s the cookie-cut moron who ruled you in school.

Notice: Atlas holds the world up. It takes dedication, strength: but where’s the struggle? Where’s the failure? the futility? Very different myth.

God sent Jesus. Did he send Jesus so that a good man, a perfect man, the best man, ever, would expose the evil of human governments? Punctuate a joke about human justice? Was God being an ironist? Or was God displaying infinite sarcasm?

Read around K. Pick up a pk fact or two. And what needs to be said next should become apparent no matter what else I do or don’t write.

Spelled Backwards
One of my dearest friends in college, fifteen when the rest of us were eighteen, got grades no one else had ever heard of: A+: there’s no such grade as A+! Anyway, Myron, before all that pot, then H, made his brain fail, used to pause a beat, then repeat what you had said, but backwards. Myron was always saying things backwards, spelling things backwards … And ridiculing all of our philosophies.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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