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2016 06 04 The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
Muhammad Ali
Slave Name, Cassius Clay

I first heard of Cassius Clay in the army, early 1960s. My army buddy, Phil, fellow lit nut, a fair poet, told me, Yes, of course we hate boxing, but there’s a boxer now who improvises “poetry”! Well, by the time Clay knocked down big bad Sonny Liston, Phil and I were out-of-our-minds fans.
It was furthermore Phil who first expressed outrage in my hearing that the alpha-racists had stolen the poet’s boxing crown not by knocking him down in the ring, but merely by being alpha-racist, kleptocrat, mind-everybody’s-business neo-Nazis. I was incensed then, I’m incensed now.

I remember vivdly when Cassius Clay himself made me OD on his mischeif: he’d threatened to knock Liston down, in rhyme, threatened to knock him down again, screaming like a lunatic that he was so pretty:

Got kiss myself, I’m so pretty.
Uptown Funk

Fine, great: I was 100% with him, me and my fellow fan, my fellow liberal- WASP, Phil. So then he did knock Liston down again. Good, I sighed, now he can relax, stop screaming at us. But he didn’t! He grabbed the mics, went on screaming, “I’m the greatest”.

No, no, bad showmanship. But the offense is invisibly minor compared to the offenses of the alpha-Nazis who were still drafting young men, blowing children’s limbs of in SE Asia, threatening Clay, and stealing his prize: not by athletic excellence but by political confiscation. That was the mid-1960s. Phil & I had been drafted, that’s how we met, best friends for a couple of years there, still friends decades later. I was the out-loud Christian, the pacifist, the anti-war guy; Phil was the out-loud atheist and rhyming-jock fan. But all that pales compared to what’s going on right now in that context: the alpha-Nazis, the American hyopocrites, the WASP imperialists who drafted us, who’d forced us to help prepare to invade Cuba, who salted Asia with mines, who got Phil and me and thousands of others fired from academic jobs we’d earned by reason of pure political confiscation, standing on a barrel and claiming that Ali was the greatest, that he stood for the Right …

Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but not Tiberius’ centurions, not while they’re still spearing gods, and radicals, and solution-inventors: like me! I being the guy who offered cybernetic data-basing as a solution to coercive kleptocracy!

Revolutionary Name, Muhammad Ali
I remember a guy in Saratoga, August 1961, race month, trying to scare my buddy David and me with tales of blacks in prisons becoming Muslims, kneeling on prayer rugs, praying to Allah, plotting insurrection. The guy meant it. But I didn’t believe it. Oh, I don’t mean I didn’t believe it was possible; I mean I didn’t take it as a personal threat. God had gotten me that far by luck, God could extend my luck a little bit further: if he wanted to: or not: it was up to God, not to me.

Anyway, in 1961 it was jailed blacks trying to organize some resistance, some indignation, through religious ritual and conversion. Yeah, but the Nazis could put them all in jail. Hell, the US annexed central north America, the formerly French “Louisiana”, for our genocide concentration camps, Hitler studiedd that move from us! Auschwitz was the fatherland’s Trail of Tears: half the expanding US was reserved as “jail”: after the Civil War, an extension of the Civil War, the Yankees were going to exterminate Louisiana, make it safe for development by Norwegians: white Christians: safe. white. Christian. Anyway, the 1961 jails didn’t scare me: in 1971 Lew Alcindor didn’t scare me when he became Kareem. Cassius didn’t scare me when he became “Ali”. Pilat can’t harm Jesus until God allows it. If God wants to allow it, it’s not the business of any human being, including Jesus, me, you … Cassius or Lew.
(That’s not my theology now, but it was then: almost, sort of, close enough for a joke, or two.

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Try a search. Forinstance, Gangsta Sport. & see Race: A-Scientific Myth.

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