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2016 07 03 Scribble while watching the Fan4Tastic: these notes sit on the shoulders of my The Truth of Horror.

There I made the point that horror movies mixed truth with bullshit: human institutions are wrong-headed: parents, priests, teachers. Science fiction too. The Fantastic Four kicks off with a nerd reporting his science project to his class. The teacher keeps interrupting, insulting, refusing to understand, the project, apparently not for the first time. The other kids let the teacher get away with his sacrelidge. The teacher finally disqualifies the kid as not following the assignment, which was supposed to adhere to “science”: the art of the possible. Science is supposed to be practical: ha ha ha, never true for a minute, not historically. But never mind, the audience will not know that. They will however instantly recognize the clique of misunderstood genius, moron state-appointed expert: the teacher.

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The DVD starts out offensive on several fronts. I was ready to bail out, smash the disk with a hammer (though it belongs not to me but to NetFlix. The coming attractions wouldn’t allow me to mount the menu: why won’t the law protect us from slavery? because the law is so deep into slavery it doesn’t know it deals in slavery, doesn’t know it prescribes it: hasn’t a clue that’s its purpose. But somehow I arrived at the initial defining scene: now I’m a fan. Kid builds a matter teleporter in his garage, the teacher doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, judges the project to be unrealistic, disqualifies the kid. ! a few years later in another science project he teleports something, brings it back, is attacked by the teacher, but then another teacher, this time a black dude, shows up: not half as stupid and prejudiced as the BC WASP morons we’d already met.
Meantime, I girl is riveting. I rush to IMDb to check out who she might be: Kata Mara!

Uh oh. Now a new stupidity is introduced: the black guy finally introduces himself, Kata Mara is his daughter, he’s from Baxter Soemthing, he wants to give the kid a full scholarship! Not hire him, not pay him, not aware him a series of patents; no, give him free tuition, plus a dandy bar: the way Edison hired Tesla: by slavery! Corporations no longer need to pay its geniuses, just reduce their debt.

You think the movie has exposed the school system; no, the movie is the school system.

Ah, now we see it: the black guy is called on the carpet by a new, previously hidden hierarchy of WASP kleptocrats. He sticks to his guns. So there’s the moron world we’re familiar with, then there’s Baxter U, and Baxter U turns out to be the moron world we’re all familiar with, writ even larger and more techie.
I’m really glad I’ve seen Tesla recently, and Genius on Hold, and know about Westinghouse and Edison and Marconi, and remember Steinmetz at GE.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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