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Leaders are a liability, not an asset.
Stephen DeVoy

2004 03 16 Every day that summer the girl came over. We’d climb the tree and sit on the garage roof, embowered by maple leaves, talking. “Wouldn’t it be great,” she said, “if one day we woke up and everybody was dead. Then we could do whatever we wanted.”

Amen. My own thoughts exactly. Carol and I had just finished the sixth grade. I’d been wishing the world away through every one of those grades and then some. Carol though was the first person I ever heard express it. Just the two of us, male and female: having the earth to ourselves.

2004 05 30 Evening before last I noticed that that’s the exact image the movie Fight Club ends with. I never finished the novel (however much I loved the beginning) (a library conflict still not resolved), so I can’t compare. But in the fictional scenario, Jack and Marla were adult wackos, dysfunctional; Carol and I were only just beginning to sniff puberty, were neither of us yet dysfunctional (and since I’ve never spoken more than a dozen words to her since, I don’t know how dysfunctional she became) ( is my indictment of my society, my testimony as to how intelligence, honesty, imagination … are banished from human society: any human society).

Notice: those of you who know either book or movie (or both): Jack, the Edward Norton / Brad Pitt tag-team, blew up his condo: now they want to blow up the corporate world. Norton blows his face off, then stands with his Eve as all of downtown razes to rubble. In my Carol’s scenario, seconded (or firsted) by me, downtown goes away by itself. (See a
favorite joke on the subject.)

(When we wanted to get stark naked Carol and I would go down into the garage itself, but mostly we just sat on the roof.)

Anarchists argue until they have no allies at all.

One point I must make when I can, speaking of Babel, is how anarchists divide, disagree, and divide again as much as any other group. Communists, Republicans … Jacobites … find political bed-fellows, however strange; anarchists argue until they have no allies at all.

The Superbrights were too brilliant for community; they demanded the world-shattering anarchy of supermen.
Bruce Sterling, Schismatrix

Do any two anarchists agree on what they mean or want? Yes. Do any three? The larger the number, the more any ism resembles any other ism. Opponents of the ism will be less endangered by the ism’s Sampsons than its own adherents. The allies could have played Pinochle while the Nazis assassinated each other.

I don’t believe that Hss has any special “rights” or privileges. Oh, we have power, but power is distinct from rights, no?
I don’t recognize white men’s right to gang together and give away Cheyenne territories: especially not where the claimants will then pay revenues to the gang.

I don’t recognize government’s right to exist let alone to give away or sell air space, cyberspace, the electromagnetic spectrum.
I don’t recognize God’s right to give Canaan to the Jews: or to me.
Satan offered Eve this and that? Was is Satan’s to trade?

Brooklyn bridge
Highlands Co promised me a trial. Actually, it did have trials to give: but it didn’t deliver. Neither did it hold itself responsible for its broken promise.

2006 03 09 Civilization distributes errors cybernetically, ricochet – ricochet, between sacred and secular. The secular can’t understand the numinous and the sacred can’t understand sense. Thus human society will always have two different types of excuse as to why it crucified Jesus or ignored Ramanujian till it was too late to tap more than a drop of his genius. The people who crucified Jesus, just say Oh, well we won’t do it again. The people who couldn’t pick Ramanujian from the slush pile just say Oh, well we won’t do it again.

That’s why I’m an anarchist (and NOT of the property party): The sacred believe they’re competent to run a church, the secular believe they’re competent to participate in government, in management. My anarchism simply has no executives, no mass actions, no mass decisions. No hierarchy that’s not utterly natural and divorced from our influence.

In other words, I see that humans are capable of organizing; I just don’t trust a single such organization: not an inch.

2006 07 08 Here’s some related scribble, replete with logical enthymemes to be filled in and nuggets to develop:

Humans are social. Humans are mortal. Therefore we need traffic rules, we need ordering algorithms over a series of generations. Abraham comes before Isaac comes before Jacob. In our stories God passes messages to Abraham, Abraham passes messages to Isaac. Then, in our particular Judeo-Christian story, the message gets mis-passed: what’s supposed to go to Esau, according to the rules, goes to Jacob: and the rule-maker, God, accepts it. But who keeps the records? Who tells these stories? God? Abraham? Or the sons, and daughters, of Jacob? and Rebekah! (she who brought disruptive gods into the (falsely-ordered) household.)
In a centralized culture, hierarchical, ordered from past to present, ordered from top to bottom, the past and the top control who keeps the records. Who keeps the records necessarily means also who discards which records, which records are showcased by the entrance, which are enthroned in the central chamber, and which are let fall through the cracks: and which are deliberately hidden in the basement.

If the bowels are poisoned, and the bowls break open, the whole creature will die.

The world is occupied by a majority which believes that the top is sane, the body healthy, and the bowels undiseased. Then there’s pk:
The top is insane, the body is diseased, the contents of the bowels need to be aired for the good of all. Bypass the hierarchy and the head will find its natural level, downward: before which a new creature, a healthy creature, can’t get born.
Thus: my anarchism.

And the mechanism for my anarchism was to get the body to take control of the records from the record-keeping sons of Jacob. Deregulate information. Get the body to get itself out from under the usurper head.

And that, that precisely, is why you don’t, and can’t, have accurate records of who I am, what I offered. Your view is occluded by the mis-labelers, the shufflers of records, those who will do anything to make the news look good, the Pretender look legitimate. to mask the disease, to mis-report the dangers.
The new society can’t be born while the old society still lives: lives by monopolizing cheating, by mis-reporting the dangers.

Scientists are now acknowledging that all people lie, especially where self-esteem is involved. Men lie to shore up their self-esteem, women lie to avoid challenging the shorings-up. pk started FLEX to show the Library of Congress, the Times — paper of record — what they should have been. But society wasn’t ready to allow that evolution to occur.

2008 06 23 The movie Aeon Flux shows a near future humanity rescued from extinction at the hands of an “industrial disease,” by a totalitarian scientist-savior. Everything looks neat and efficient. Of course there’s a faction that doesn’t care if the trains run on time; they want liberty. And the younger brother of the savior doesn’t believe that older brother should continue in his plans of dissolving the tyranny and restoring liberty (as though liberty is something that can be bestowed by a tyrant). Young Lucifer plots against both liberty and against the senior savior.

Then the shit hits the fan. No one contradicts the alpha survivor who says, “We’re not anarchists. There have got to be rules.”

Now, me, pk again: of course there are rules. There don’t “have to be” rules; there ARE rules. And a sane species, social or not, would endeavor to learn what they are. Theoretically that’s the role of science. But science, like the bulk of the universities, has been taken over by government. That’s like putting science in the hands of the Inquisition.

Meantime pk insists: learning what the rules are, the rules found in nature; not rules imposed by kleptocrats, should be part and parcel of the survival apparatus of every sentient creature.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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