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I watched a docudrama yesterday on a Boston Globe exposure of sexual predation among Roman Catholic priests in Boston. Rachel McAdams has such a round hip and cute bottom I kept watching it, but there was good work from a large cast: Michael Keaton, Lev Schreiber … Anyway reporters stumble on evidence that the church may have worked to cover up a case of sexual predation. The team doesn’t release the story because they then discover that there may have been more than one, more than a couple of instances. Then they don’t release the story because they come to suspect that some Boston cardinal knew about it. … They also see that the church seems to have been shuffling offenders around: not getting rid of pedophiles but shuffling them among different parishes.

When did the president know what he knew? or the cardinal? or the public?

On it goes, Rachel McAdams appealing to me more and more as we proceed. (I’d seen her before, but in silly roles, costume dramas.) There’s a point at which the Globe’s “Spotlight” team comes to suspect that the number of predator piests over the past decade or two is huge: staggering: 80-something, 90-something … 100 pervert priests getting awa with rape! They settle at 6%. Stick to their guns, “prove” it to be “6%”. But well before that time I’m thinking: no, too cautious, too conservative, too whimpy: 8%. The number of deviant priests would be 8%: 8% is the standard proportion of predators, deviants, homosexuals … left-handers, color-blind people …
A decade or two ago I was reading a lot of demographic apportionings from this and that good scientist: Jared Diamond, Leonard Shlain, Wood … OK, here’s a stretch coming: this morning I’m scanning the news. Everyday there’s a terrorist attack, a bmombing, a mass shooting, and a recrudescence of police shootings, seemingly race-related. And I think I bet all that’s “8%”-centered too.

Here’s a story of a black guy lying on his back in a parking lot, he’s got his arms over his head, and another black guy, a physical therapist, is trying to help him, and the cops come along and shoot the guy trying to give medical assistance three times in the leg! Don’t you feel safer with such triggers around? I’ll bet the numbers relate.

Ponder this in relation to Dr. Marcus Dusotoy’s The Code, check the BBC, check Netflix.

Nixon knew. Cardinal Law knew. And Jared Diamond and Dusotoy knows.

Now, separate question: how many of the cops disciplined for shootings in the future will be left-handed Muslim sexual predators?

Healthy Numbers
No, that’s just a rude joke; here’s a real question: would the human population on earth become sustainable if it were reduced to 8%?

One thing I found interesting: the child-molesting priests preyed on girls as well as boys, it wasn’t 100% homosexual, but overwhelmingly they preyed on the poor! Because apparently poor ignorant boys could be best relied on to suffer and shut up about it! Maybe you love the little girl, but your safe bet is the little poor boy whose mom’s a whore and dad’s a drunk.

A day or two pass and I recall a choice of movies where victims of horny priests grow up and track down and confront their boyhood confession molesters. I note that in such plots the victims have typically themselves become homosexual, their identities skewed in any case. One stars Keven Bacon, one is an oeuvre by the great Pedro Almodovar. Been a while but I’ll venture titles: Sleepers, Mystic RiverBad Education.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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