Bowdlerizing K.

The other day I Bowdlerized specific words from K. I purged K. once before, in 2002. I was making friends at my son’s wedding with a friend of my daughter-in-law: head of an English Department at some major southern university. For example I moved my several dozen “sex” stories to an anonymous blog: eradicated from K. It was a mistake; but I haven’t undone it. Losing my eyesight, I’ll never be able to. This time the dogs of decency have their jaws around my throat: all with regard to my driving woes, see NJ / FL / pk Menu. I’m charged with a criminal violation. The judge has assigned me a pro bono attorney. By the time I make an appointment to explain my case to her, I want to tone down some of my many triggers that might set my one defender against me. So: I’ve bowlderized a couple of words, prefered the obscenity to the plain AngloSaxon English. Recognize, its isn’t Chaucer or Shakespeare or DH Lawrence who run the censors; it’s nobody, the censors rule.

Imagine, Mark Twain wants his masterpiece, Huck Finn, to live. But the racists are saying that his free American English, accurate, use of the N-word: and they’ve already slandered it, pulled it from school libraries, defaced it, stolen it from, public libraries … Imagine, Twain gives us, he’ll e-publish a bowdlerized Huck. In my case, if I survive, until I’ altogether blind, I can put it all back. The public will have the Bowdlerized version: I’ll still have the real version.

I fact I think I’ll next Bowdlerize my own N-words, perennially a favorite symbol for me.

But: I had also better tone down my utterly true accusations against my hypocritical society. For instance, where I say “US”, meaning censorious lynch mob, I may substitute Washi’ Chu, the Lakota word for white man: greedy pig. But, I searched my posts, the engine lumped US, us together: thousands of uses. It’s too late there, my trial resumes this Aug 22.

I be back

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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