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Wasi’ Chu (Lakota for greedy pigs: that is, “white” men)

If the US wanted an honest chance at transforming into a legitimate government it would have to discuss, Jesus Christ presiding, how to compensate the persons and peoples stolen from.

[I remind one and all, the essence of kleptocracy, isn’t just coercion, compulsion, and confiscation; but cooption. For example, I, listening attentively listened to Jesus, which gravitated me toward Ivan Illich. Illich (1970, Deschooling Society) proposed that the public obtain an internet of learning webs based in a set of voluntary data basses: who’s who, where are they, what do they want? a cybernetic ancient marketplace. Illich proposed it: it overlaped thoughts I’d already developed in the late 1960s about an interet (see my creative writing from the period). I offered to do it, working out and specifying some of the implications. That is, I founded and ran the Free Learning Exchange. Decades later, kleptocratic powers coopted something parallel but opposite: perverting a cheap dating service for all sorts of dates into a coercively funded cartel of phone companies!
(I’d written Bell Telephone in 1970 proposing mutual cooperation: they never answered my letter.) (IBB did, but then they just stole the ideas.)]

I want to see Sutter sign off on ownership of the Sacramento Valley: provided that the animals and plants (and who knows what all else with an interest) has already signed off.

PS If JC doesn’t show, I’ll accept Buddha as a fair substitute. Not Confucius, but maybe Lao Tsu.

And if God shows I want to see him properly vetted.

Same with the others.

I can imagine an honest capitalism, with legitimate republics; but we didn’t do it. I love to ponder the state of Rhode Island: their governor tried to actually purchase the territory to have a chance of legitimacy. Rare, huh?

Social Order

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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