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K. launched in 1995. I paid homage in my first personal Chat post to the great music of my youth: dixie, swing, bop: Orey, Brubeck, Miles … and a few lauds have followed in the couple of decades since: but for the most part my tastes in music have remained static: I’m busy, I’m broke, I’m losing my hearing: my old hifi isn’t set up, neither is my new MIDI: I used to play Goodman, Brubeck, Miles all day long; now I fiddle with my own keyboard all day long: amateur, but it’s me, I know what I mean even if I can’t play it.

Never mind; today, in contrast, I just want to list a half dozen great songs and great artists I’ve encountered in that same span, these last twenty or so years.

Kaissa O Si Keka

This great woman fills the music with the illusion of communication. She makes you feel at home with language from the Cameroons! What rhythm, great as Aretha! Greater, since Aretha sings in English!

Marc Anthony I Need To Know

Rhythm! Precision! Wow!
One of the best cha-chas to dance to I’ve ever encountered.
The band he put together for Madison Square Garden, see the video, was a great great band: like Basie, like Ellington. 2017 02 11 I just listened to it again. Wow. Thrilling.

Santana Oye Como Va

Speaking of bands, this one is pretty great too. And I adore the keyboard guy.

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars Uptown Funk

As my linedance blog hints I love to dace the Amos Moses. But my local music providers don’t know it: so I substitute Play That Funky Music, White Boy, which they play regularly. Ah, but now I prefer Uptown Funk: great stuff, it suits. And funny? Very funny, cracks me up.

Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine

Just last week I’d never heard of Bill Withers: now I’m mesmerized, thanks to the opening credits music of a German film. A man’s voice but with something feminine about it: at first I thought it was going to prove to be a Nina Simone. Currently I’m basking in this song every day.
2016 08 08 I just went to Spotify and listened to it again. I have a theory for at least part of the fascination: Withers sets up one rhythm, repeats it, sets up an anticipation of another repeat, but varies it. We expect one path but find ourselves on another: a secret garden.
Both patterns are good, pick one; or pick the other.

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