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Irish Republic
2016 08 12 I’ve been scribbling about the Irish TV series, Rebellion: and here I go again, all belonging to more than one category: so I’ll start a scrapbook, here ’tis.
Notice, a couple of centuries ago, echoes still vivid, people, including some great writers, Jefferson, for example, were blabbing about setting up republics: governments were the people own the government: but always on somebody else’s land! And typically, in the case of the Mayflower philosophers, it was people bound to some existing governemtn, some bank, some business, indentured servants, who were going the blabbing. The Mayflower people owned time and service to the East India Company. They should have said, “If we can ever get free of this obligation, these debts, then we could start a really neat republic.

Of course all this blab came in the wake of English civil wars, regiciedes, revolution: like ’60s people singing Beetles songs. They sang, we sang in their wake.
The idea leaked. Next thing you know, the Irish thoght they could have a government, they could make speeches, invent ideals, pretend to be worthy of them.

If, That Is
They could dream of founding a republic, once their debts were met, if that is a people with land, lots of land, could be found to sell, trade, bequeath … But there’s a problem with that too: can a purchase possibly be legal or binding when it’s made between different cultures with different understandings of things. If I sell you my grandmother’s ring, but I have little of no concept of money or time or binding … I’m sorry the sale can’t be binding no matter what words were written down, no matter if we all signed in blood.

Such sales will be “legal” in the land of the Shylocks, but not in the land of the Christians.
Imagine the Christian offers to buy the salvation of the Cherokee, knowing full well that to the Cherokee it’s all so many words; whereas it’s real hooch in the bottle being bargained away. Will God back us such sales? Or will he throw everybody into the fiery furnace?

For the jillionth time, I’m a Christian Anarchist. Yes, that’s an oxymoron, but don’t worry: neither term is normally defined the way I mean it: though I will say “anarchist” gains in clarity to me while “Christian” loses clarity. People with a chance to understand will know without my warning them that the issues are difficult, not clear, not settled. Anyway, as I’ve said a jillion times, by “anarchist” I mean Illician: no coercion. All our kleptocracies are slave states, compelling the citizens to go to school if not church, to pay taxes if not actually fight, kill, drop bombs. All my life I hear patroiots brag about the US being a “republic”. That’s supposed to mean a state in which the government is accountable to the people, in which the people “own” the state … Do Americans own the US? I don’t see it, what I see is We Don’t.

Anyway, I’m watching Rebellion, TV, 2016. I like it a lot. Let me list some of the things I like about it.

It strikes me that they’re all full of shit; but: if any people have a right to cast off a government and to set up a different government, it’s the slaves: the blacks in America, the Indians in India, the Irish in Dublin.

Double Whammy
2016 09 10 Stuff accumulates: I’ve been watching all sorts of Brit stuff, Celtic stuff. Last week it was a show on finding Richard III’s corpse: they did it, forensically. Now I’m watching Who Killed Richard III. I loved hearing the Irish, now I really love hearing the Welsh!
Meantime, I’m also getting a kick out of the reversal of scholarly gender: all the doctors being interviewed are women! The wars of the Roses being narrated by Dr. Tilly and Dr. Squeeze.

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Group Control
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2016 08 05 I’m just reading and mostly loving Joseph Campbell’s Myths To Live By. He’s talking about social form, cultural conditioning, deep ritual, using the JFK funeral march as an example. He says everyone in the group felt as one with the nation. Everyone nods, no one looks around to falsify the claim. Naturally those being ignored are used to it and are likely trying to hide their real feelings anyway.
Everyone was grieving? the grief crossed party lines? If our will blinds us we won’t see what we dont want to see.

Just the other day I was discussing the movie I streamed, was it Rebellion? where the young man, Stephen, proposes to his girl friend, Lisa. He tells her that he’s sought her father’s permission, that her father has consented, talk, talk. She’s sounds like she’s saying no, or at least offering complication, when in barges her family, all congratulating Stephen, no one consulting Lise. The group takes everything for granted. That story is of Ireland, but lots of places, culture, are the same, no? (In chapter two we find out what all that was about! spoiler: the wedding is ready, but not the bride: she slips out the back way with her real boyfriend, armed and dangerous, dressed in green, soon to be shooting people, and getting shot. Delicious. I love the three principal women!

I’m just watching Rebellion again from the beginning, follow closely on how the story develops, get an idea if we ever know the woman’s thoughts. She loves the guy, but. She likes him but isn’t sure what love is. She was hoping to study evolution and write sequels to Darwin. She loves him, wants to fuck his brains out, but does not want to spend the rest of her life pregnant, or changing diapers: knock up the servant girl and I’ll accept the child as mine: your genes, her genes, my baby. Wait a minute, were genes theorized by the beginning of WWI?

Anyway, all my life people have brought up what they were doing when JFK was shot. They tell you mundane details, they saturate you with their feelings. You see them ready for you to jump in with agreement. But if there’s any complexity in your reaction, any thing that needs critical attention, subtlety, forget it: they’ll never let you speak, adn won’t listen if you speak anyway.

My reaction to JFK’s assassination? Oh? Well that’s what should be expected by anybody who wants to be famous without good reason: reason like Shakespeare, like Kepler: not reason like Washington, like Lincoln. every Hitler, every Stalin, every JFK should sense bullets whistling in their direction. Look as the US presidency since 1780 or so: hasn’t a high proportion been shot at? As a Christian anarchist, hating all secular authority, I think they should cringe when exposed to screaming mobs.

Look around: are we really homogenous? Do we really want to be? How come we resist “God”‘s attempts to make us behave? to cohere? If God can’t unify us, how could JFK? Genghis ruled us: that’s doable. There was no discussion; Obey: or I’ll gut you from belly to throat. That kind of leader I can live with: and they’ll get assassinated too. By all means read the Genghis novel by Conn Iggulden where Tamujin assassinates the leader who’s killed his father, oppressed his mother: he kills the leader real fast, then braces himself to be killed from all sides; but he isn’t! All are so in shock no one does anything. Then he sees that he can lead them, order them, he’s now the king.

My reaction? Again, in a word. Wanting to be faous, powerful without genius, all such people should just plain drop dead as far as I’m concerned. Or shoot them, shoot them like a man, take a stance, make a decision. If I want them dead how can I grieve if they die?

Group Delusion
2016 08 05 That is so delicious, so funny: my girl just called, from Nova Scotia, damn how she leaves me alone for a few months every summer, damn. But she’s telling me about all the parties and dinners she’s been going to, and how uncomfortable because everybody there is for Hillary Clinton, so she doesn’t dare open her mouth. And I said, it’s just like me with you: you so gungho Donald Trump I don’t dare open my mouth. And she laughed: while I went on about how missionaries start out being the only Christian among flocks of heathn, until a few get converted, it snowballs, and the next thing you know it’s five billion Christians trying to convert zero heathens: except when you have a rally: and there you think that everyone in the world is a Christian, until you turn your back, and they’re all Muslim! who hate-hate-hate, and want to murder you.

Statisticians aren’t altether stupid, they know some of the pitfalls of their methods of estimating, but not all: there’s always the element of believing what you want to believe.

Group Authority
2016 08 05 I can speak, I can write: damn well, for 67 going on 68 of 78 years now. But if I speak in court the court will not hear me until a lawyer has traslated. If a judge wants to know what I’ve written, he doesn’t look at my writing, he looks at what the FBI says I’ve written. The FBI doesn’t know what I’ve written! What I wrote wouldn’t have gotten my arrested, not in a society that knew how to read. Has there ever such such a society?

Society has a church, and a pope, and cardinals, and it has Galileo. But it the Pope wants to know what Galileo says he asks the cardinals, he asks those who are wrong. Authority is regularly based on misreadings, misread to protect the society’s myths of power. Christians won’t read what Darwin wrote; they’ll read what Wilberforce said he wrote.

The flatearthers supervise Galileo. Galileo never supervises the flatearthers: eacept in the proxy of some state licensed moron teacher.

2016 08 20 I really like this treatment, especially the women. I’ve related plenty to this and that underdog: Wallace, Michael Collins … Crazy Horse, Gandhi … But I’m all a-tingle here relating to the Irish. It’s especially rich to watch tis alternating with a doc on Irish castles. Now there’s history.

2016 08 27 A half a dozen episodes in the series feels more conventional, English imperialism hateful but pedestrian. The men seem ordinary but I love the women: the maids, mothers, aunts … I was marvelling the other day at how many male actors are great at playing villains; her the women are great at playing women: patient, suffering, neglected.

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