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The Future: Deschooling Wishes: A FIXed Future

“Fix” is of course “FLEX”, further streamlined: Free Information Exchange.

FLEX had no choice but to share the world with the school systems already in place. I expected people to regard it as a supplement, and so it was by many. But I wanted the tail to wag well, eventually to wag the dog, indeed to absorb and replace the dog. Information about resources should transcend political and cultural boundaries. Real distinctions could be strengthened; artificial distinctions should dissolve.
A healthy FLEXcould have FIXed the schools permanently, it would have exposed the out-of-date provincialism of newspapers, telephone books, local libraries … countries. A healthy FIX would indeed have obviated governments!

1998 12 02 The history [History of Schools, Universities] and meaning [I’ll have to add the link later.] sub-files for FLEX need a good deal more work as do many other parts of my biography and teaching directory. Adverse criticisms of our past and present, our civilization, culture, government, our beliefs, our very intelligence … abound at this site. Apart from the FLEX parent to this file, my solutions have remained largely implicit: stop being such thieving, self-deceived sons-of-bitches; finish getting rid of the Church, but don’t stop there; get rid of the state too … In contrast, my associates at the Venus Project [link expired] are nothing but specific: replace the monetary economy with a resource based economy; replace industry with cybernation; replace our accidental society with one sociocyberneered …

I’ll now begin to use this file to start listing other positives of my own.


Life, like non-life, even more than non-life, is self-organizing: leave it alone.
The bigger it gets, the less well federalism works.
Anthropologists have known for sometime that the maximum size for social efficiency and unity is 250 individuals. Giantism proves fatal to itself. Do we want to die with the giant? States too are too federated. Counties, cities, towns … no good.

Reverse civilization. Reverse the theft of the commons: recreate them. Have a mind to other things that have just as much “right” as we do to exist. Every living thing should have no (organized) human interference in their access to resources. If we grow wheat, why shouldn’t the birds eat it? If a boy wants to throw a stone, fine. But the band of farmers should leave the birds alone. Don’t grow the wheat and then we and the birds have to find our own food. Be better for all. Of course five billion humans couldn’t survive that way; but a proper ecological proportion could. Why do we think we have a right to be a malignant disease?


A tribe of 250 people searching for food through a restored environment would have no need of modern transportation. It wouldn’t need any neighbors but those unavoidably encountered with only natural boundaries to hinder them. It wouldn’t need one world. Rather it would only need the one-world tribes used to have: their own territories. One tribe has conflict with another? So what? It will resolve itself. One wipes the other out? Nobody’s business but theirs. Trust the ecology.
But if two or twenty tribes wanted to cooperate, to exchange data, to interbreed, fine: so long as there’s no top-down authority. You don’t believe me? Listen to the Complexity scientists. I’ve used one of their statements a couple of places now, most recently in my Tower of Babel piece.
I want

I don’t want the government, the courts … to prosecute anything else;

I want them to stop collecting taxes on false pretences

I want them to give as much of the money back as they can

I want them to go home

And sin no more.

2001 04 23 This folder should perhaps have a sub-folder for feedback. As it is some feedback has been incorporated here and there. An email from today I put here.

Mr. Knatz:
It is inspiring to discover your page with these ideas so clearly stated. I am personally still recovering from my institutionalized “education”, and finally at 24 years, beginning to understand what education can truly be. For the last few years I have been involved in the “school choice” movement in Oregon, which is seen as the first step towards a system similar to what your web page calls FLEX.

We are simultaneously encouraging people to start their own facilities under the state’s quite progressive laws, and informing parents and students about their ever-growing choices for their education.
Our hope is that soon children in Eugene, and elsewhere, will regularly evaluate their education experience, and understand that there are a variety of methods for learning.

Our most recent step in this process was to produce a “catalogue” of all the alternative schools in the Eugene area. We are distributing this catalogue to parents and children all over the city, and despite it’s controversy, it has been quite popular.
Keep up the great work! We’re changing the world here!

Mac Herbert

2001 09 13 Years are sliding by here without my yet crafting this file as I’d originally intended. Some of what I have to say has gone today into a summary of things I’m For & Against.

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