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Teachers The second-oldest profession Ivan Illich

Ivan Illich made the point. pk repeated the point. Once upon a time a teacher was one you asked questions of. Nowadays a teacher is one who asks you questions. Tests you.

How do things turn backwards like that?

Once upon a time “money” was goods your could trade with. Then money included precious metals: gold, for instance. An ounce of gold was so much money. Now money is stuff printed by a government. US monopolizes the gold, governs the goods, and prints paper for money: fiat dollars.

Once upon a time teachers emerged. The rich man could hire the starving scholar or the opportunity-poor virgin and keep them exclusively for his own children: to drill them in their letters, to drill them in their manners … But those the society regarded as teachers were chosen by general acclaim, by using them. Ben Franklin, for example. Buy his paper. Read it. Learn. Teacher. Social recognition is a necessary ingredient. If the guy is twice as smart as Godel, but has no followers, then a genius he may be, but he is not a teacher (unless some future generation (or alien species) finds his notes and uses them.)
Now though the government substitutes fiat teachers: wholly replacing good language with bad, real meaning with counterfeit (no, not counterfeit; fiat). Knowledge is whatever the government says is knowledge. (And the government can change its mind every other year if not every other day.)

Teachers were acclaimed. Teachers emerged. Jesus was called “teacher.”

Socrates didn’t say, “I am your teacher”; Plato said, “Socrates is my teacher.”

Naturally, beware of self-appointed teachers. (Beware of self-appointed anything.) True, maybe God appointed her. If so there’s no reason for you to be privy to that commission. Still, don’t take her word for it: look for her halo. Find her commission in her aura.

See Educational Inflation.

More coming as I can.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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