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We all have memories. Old people are famous for dwelling in them. All people are notorious for nudging memories in directions that somehow salve the ego. Recently I shared a baseball memory with my beloved Jan, herself a trove of baseball iconery ; today I see that the memory is impossible. First let me tell the memory, then probe it for possibilty:

Once upon a time my fellow midnight dog walkers agreed to car pool for a Mets game: Shea Stadium. We chose a night with a bonus game: a Mets versus Dogers wives‘ game! Good. There we are, taking our seats. The wives are all attractive, all in somekind of shape, some are amazing, the most amazing of all being Mrs. Darryl Strawberry. The girls play like girls, but a bit better; Mrs. Strawberry in contrast, long as a stick, steps up to the plate, waggles, clocks a long one, deep into the outfield: and she gallops unimpeded around the bases.

That’s all. That’s the story. Darryl Strawberry was lanky, stunning: so was his missus. Jan herself tells stories about her late husband’s father’s friendship with Babe Ruth: they’d golf, fish … And her daughter is a big Cardinals fan. Baseball, and tennis, and lots of sports come easily to Jan’s lips and ears.

So what’s wrong? This morning, like many another morning, I’m browsing around in wikipedia, and I see that Darryl Strawberry didn’t appear at Shea Stadium until the 1980s. So? My trip to Shea with the dog walkers had to have been in the 1970s, probably around 1976. I’ve been to Shea Stadium more than twice, but never since the 1970s. So what am I remembering?

Yesterday I was having an email-series of a conversation with my son bk about punk music. He wanted to remember a story from his early teen years where he recommended that I discover some punk band or another. I apparently showed no interest, showed resistance. bk chided me for being closed. I answered that we all have to be closed for some things. There are more great things in the world than we can possibly keep up with: don’t try: relish what you can; you can’t afford the rest.
bk characterized this a “rational ignorance”. Yes. Good.

But bk wrote last evening that the band he wanted to tout didn’t exist in his early teen years: so what was he remembering? He’s not old, he’s just getting toward old.

Sickening Follow Up
2016 08 23 Today’s sports news says that Darryl Strawberry is trying to help Doc Gooden kick a cocaine habit. It says that Strawberry himself had had the same problem. Ugh. But it’s good to remember both of those great players.

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