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When federal judge Martinez, Fort Pierce FL, censored a few folders from one of my half-dozen or more domains in February 2007,, my host, destroyed all of my data for all of my domoains:,, …

When the fed spit me out of jail that October I got back to my house stripped by the FBI of all my computers, all my digital data. Much of my paper work was there but how much there wasn’t I will never know, I know no way to tell: except to seek a particular document and either find it or not. Very uncertain: except for one thing: freedom of speech is an utter fiction, citizens rights are an utter fiction: the kleptocrats can do whatever they can get away with, and so far, they get away with practically anything: torture, murder … censorship … ecocide …

Anyway, I had had approximately 4,000 files on line: text, graphics: some a paragraph or two, some book length: some actually books: I published Ivan Illich books after the culture purged copies from public places, from university libraries … Well, I had a half dozen blogs in 2006-’07, hundreds of posts, and they still seem to remain untouched by the fed. So: I founded blog and republished censored files and by-kill files. If the fed juggernaut in murdering me, swerves into a crowd of people all of whom get chopped up, my death isn’t the only murder to prosecute. The fed is responsible for what it deliberately violated the Constitution to censor, my NYU files, and also is responsible for destroying everyting that, shoved, destroyed. Think of this: You’ve got your finger on the trigger of a weapon, the fed shoves me and shoves me into you: you can’t help but pull the trigger … All those murders are on the fed: in heaven, if not on earth.

OK, now it’s 2016 08 21. I still don’t have all 4,000 filess reposted and augmented. (Neither did I have much help in resurrecting the couple of thousand I have got back up.) But I do have those I have: well over two thousand and several hundred. And the blog hundreds, many of them, are still at those blogs. Those that aren’t, that were deleted, I deled after I’d migrated them to pKnatz, alias

So: I’m still doing it, still resurrecting: and augmenting, editing, expanding, not to mention adding. I’m deaf, I’m half blind, going blinder by the day. Still I slug away at it.

Does it do any good? None that I can tell. But I know this. If three hundred million Americans claim to practice free speech while they actually coil and quiver, while at least one individual, say pk, the deschooler, actually practices free speech: not just free, independent, intelligent, original (however much rant and vitriol has also come to be mixed in, it’s better than if three hundred million Americans claim to practice free speech while they actually coil and quiver and no independent intelligent individuals speak up and out.

It’s important to distinguish ideal from actual. Using theological metaphors, falsehoods are fertilized here; the truth is fertilized in heaven. If we see no truth here, except dripping from dungeon walls, don’t think there’s no truth nowhere.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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