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Deschooling. All information? All? The universe manifests all information, only the universe. Sentiens, the universe of sentience (with its fraternal twin, Pathologica), weaves Macroinformation: ever more and more of it, the potential for macroinformation being for all I can tell infinite, and necessarily not completely model-able. So, with respect to public information, what does pk mean by “all”?
Well, of course it’s a shorthand, it begs explanation. I mean that public information should have no restraints barring volunteered information. I oppose anyone publishing the contents of your pockets unless you voluntarily turned your pockets out for the purpose. I do not grant governments or government (or church, or any institutional) agencies the right to spy. I believe in the right to list your number, I believe in the right not to list your number. Somewhere the phone company would have to know your unlisted number but that archive should not be accessible to the cops, to the FBI, not even to the phone company executives. The phone company computer would know it, and that computer should have no AI capacity. The server for my domains knows my password, but my server is primitive; I’d had servers who did not know my password: only the computer.)
The universe cannot be totally mapped, another, bigger universe would be needed to hold the map. Where the limits are I don’t know, but we could certainly map more and better than we do. And that’s what FLEX (FLEX) offered. A directory of teachers should list everyone who volunteers as a teacher: no union membership required. A directory of healers should not be edited by the AMA.
Thus any such directory would contain misinformation, lies. So what? so long as a companion directory can be called up publishing peer and consumer reports on the listings. Let’s see: Einstein says he can teach physics. Maybe he can maybe he can’t. Let’s see what others on the list say about Einstein, let’s see what his students say.
Directories should tolerate no editing by experts, by union card-holders.
If the public can’t sift Jesus from Pilat amidst unfettered information, then I’m afraid the public is stuck. And should be stuck.

Deschooling also displays far less than all of pk’s own arguments, explanations, stories … on Illich deschooling, on pk’s own schooling, on school horror stories … on the idea of public networking, on the internet we pay such a high price for, having failed to support free public networking: that is, pk’s FLEX. And that relates to pk’s personal failings, to pk’s neuroses … I never told Illich that I was the guy to successfully reform the world. I never introduced myself to him, or to the world, as a proved finisher. I expected him to do it. I just wanted to dedicate my life to helping him. He left it up to me — and you. Big mistake.
See’s Incompleteness Theorem (and also pk’s funny journal entry (Ivy League) on the subject of pk incompleteness).

Here’s what I had written earlier. Another draft will decide what stays, what goes, what expands.
Deschooling. The name emphasizes all information, but of course “all” is shorthand. I mean all voluntary public information.
I do not mean the contents of her purse, his pockets, my underwear, your family secrets. I do not mean that nothing is private. I mean unrestricted, unregulated, unlicensed.
As things are nations believe they have the right to glean information on more and more privacies. Not me. I believe that the only information the public has a right to about the public is information volunteered by the public. All else is private and only the private parties business.
My Free Learning Exchange invited the public to list its resources. It further invited the public to report on its experiences with the listed resources. If you volunteer yourself as a public resource, say as a math teacher, then you also invite the public to comment on your qualities in your capacity as a math teacher. If you declare that you sell cars, then you are also inviting reports on lemons you’ve sold.
If you teach only within your own family and do not list yourself as a public resource, then your qualities are none of the public’s business.
If your math teacher tests you on algebra, the results of that test are your business and your math teacher’s business. If your father or sister or lover are paying your tuition, then perhaps the results of your test are your sponsor’s business, but to no extent are your test results the business of the public, of the government, of your neighbors, of your employer, or your possible prospective employer: unless you want to volunteer them.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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