Transgender Regulation

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Lots of news, all over, confusion over gender. Now some law says people must use bathrooms according to the gender listed on their birth certificates!
No, no, if there were any reason in society, politics, law would be informed by science, not by a mob of bureaucrats.
Jaren Diamond in Why Sex is Fun explains the zoological basis for determining sex: If you’ve got testes, you’re male. That’s it. That’s the single consideration.

And try to understand what people not trained in science never will, that the default structure of the human is female.
If you develop testes in the womb, you’re male: whether or not those testes then infuse you with male hormones. Without such infusions the individual will flare the hips, develop breasts, but still be male! You can’t tell by looking!
You can look like Rachel Welch but still “be” Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But the laws are written by people who win elections, people who look, and regulate, but will never have anything right.
The law favors the majority-bent morons.

2016 09 22 I declare, what’s this really about? It’s about the power of the people to push other people around based on ignorance. Every Democrat, every Republican is convinced without proof that he and his like-minded neighbors know what’s male and what’s female, what God has to say about it. God’s manuscript will never be found, the Bible-thumpers who forge the Bible won’t allow it.

I wish we did have the Bible, God’s actual manuscript, 100% error-free: then we’d know exactly what to do: and be right! As is we’re in the same position Adam was in and Eve, we don’t know shit from Shinola.
Isn’t that silly: I haven’t seen any Shinola in decades, yet the cliche still comes to the tongue.

There was an article today, some transgender “woman” beeped in the airport scanner. A pair of security people approached. If the passenger is male, the man will pat him down: if female, then … The ex-navy seal en route to giving a speech about cultural sensitivity says Those are my boobs, I’m female: the guy doesn’t pat me.

I don’t know how to react to this: other tan to repeat for the billionth time: bureaucracies have no business making scientific determinations: any more than the pope had any right to an opinion of what Galileo saw through his telescope: or what it meant.

But: the airline doesn’t have to let anybody fly if they won’t be patted down. The passenger didn’t want the man patting him down: don’t let him on the plane: then let him sue, and everyone’s ignorance and wrongheadedness can clog the courts for a thousand years. Adam and Eve got thrown out of Eden, they shouldn’t imagine they’re competent to make transgender evaluations.

Don’t let him fly: then let him have the courts cancel the airlines’ rights to sell tickets. Let the society collapse.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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