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Campaign ’16 Scrapbook

/ Politics / Scribble on the 2016 presidential campaign: unusually interesting, unusually filthy, stupid, and felonious. Escort Whoopie 2016 11 15 I heard the worst joke the other day, I’m so embarrassed for the teller I won’t say which friend … Continue reading

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Others’ Stories Scrapbook

/ Stories / Others’ / Sovereign Justice 2016 10 15 I’m paused in the movie Basketball Diaries to tell a story from my father about a friend of his. Credits roll to a disrespectful audio about Catholic education. We’re in … Continue reading

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Truth Scrapbook

/ Thinking Tools / Truth / Here it is 2016 10 12 and I’m only just launching a Truth Scrapbook: or I’ve had more than one for decades and forgot where I put them. Fact is, they are and always … Continue reading

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