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Sovereign Justice
2016 10 15 I’m paused in the movie Basketball Diaries to tell a story from my father about a friend of his. Credits roll to a disrespectful audio about Catholic education. We’re in a classroom, we hear a rhythmic thwaking. We’ve panned the room, finally there on his knees is Leonardo diCaprio being paddled on the behind by a priest. We know that kids got paddled, boys and girls, especially boys because it was boys that civilization wanted trained while civilization wanted the girls breeding: both sexes saddled for responsibility by a sovereign church claiming kinship with a sovereign deity.

My father’s friend rushed a fraternity, was paddled by the brothers for his sin of being young and not a brother. That story went with another story: the guy was sterile: the brothers had split open his sperm bag, destroyed his paternity before he even had a girlfriend.

I can’t say whether the brothers ever learned what they had done: doesn’t sound likely to me.

How many priests were aware of the danger they were submitting the boys to with their hell-bent savagery? Has the church ever assumed responsibility for sterilizing the children they were entreating to breed? No: the church has always more than one way out of its way to prevent responsibility from being laid at its door.

It’s curious how people put up with this irresponsibility. For thousands of years we’re told that God owns the world, that God made the world, that the church represents God … Don’t you think that we should get a confirmation from God at some point? Shouldn’t God speak up and point out percentages of boys at risk from insane priests? The Jews’ God wants boys mutilated on their eighth day of life. The Muslim God wants girls mutilated before puberty. Do mosques publish date on how many girls die from infection? Etc.?

Do fraternities publish estimates of hw many pledges were sterilized in the past? Do fraternities reveal a fund they “compensate” people from?
One of the most evil assumptions of civilization is that evil can be compensated for. If an exchange of money sometimes follows infliction of harm but revenge is forbidden then the evil doers stay in power forever with no chance of amelioration.

Can Harvard freshmen sue Harvard if their melon is split? The Muslim girls certainly can’t sue the Mullah. Maybe that’s what Hillary Clinton should be promising.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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