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Scribble on the 2016 presidential campaign: unusually interesting, unusually filthy, stupid, and felonious.

Escort Whoopie
2016 11 15 I heard the worst joke the other day, I’m so embarrassed for the teller I won’t say which friend I heard it from: I’m at (or beyond) the point where if I stick to any principles at all I won’t have any friends. Trump’s victory is emboldening the bigots, they’ve been lurking at the borders of shadows, now they’re coming back into the open, day by day we’ll see more KKK signs, gun racks in the cabs of pickup trucks. I still love my friend: because I need love more than integrity, integrity has already cost me far too much: I don’t regret having had integrity in the past, but I can’t afford to maintain it in the present. My friend has been saying for months how many of her friends say that if Clinton is elected, they’ll move to Canada. My friend’s daughter says she’ll move to Canada if Trump is elected: my friend already lives part of the year in Canada. Anyway, she said that Whoppie Goldberg said that if Trump won she, Whoppie, would move to Canada.
And “we’ll give her a police escort”, chortled my friend.

My friend’s intelligence is so blunted by Trump’s progress that she makes no effort these days to remember who I am. Of course she’s never understood that for ten consecutive seconds. She used to pretend to understand, now she dosn’t bother to pretend.

When I first landed in Sebring, 1989, racists hurled racists at me: put two white people together and they’ll truck out and show off their prejudices first thing: n-s are so stupid, n-s are so lazy, etc.

Whoppie Goldberg is not stupid, is not lazy. She was a junkie once upon a time, that was criminal: but criminal in a way where one class arbitrarily criminalizes another closs: put the black man on the chain gang, how else are we going to have roads to drive on? How else are we going to waste the earth so that nothing can live?

Ugh, Racism
2016 12 08 My darling friend made another racist joke today. I didn’t waste our precious time together explaining either that it was racist or that it was offensive, to me at least. She mentioned Donald Trumps hotel in DC, down the block from the White House. (Last night we watched basketball: The Warriors (which she too adores) vs the Clippers, with a bit of Cavaliers vs Knicks earlier.) I told her that LeBron James wouldn’t stay in that Trump hotel, that LeBron was boycotting Trump enterprises. “Good”, she said: “We don’t want him there”.

I remember the first time I ever heard of Whoopie: writing my novels in the early 1980s I vistied my friend Madge, my friend Inge’s old land lady. Madge put me up for a few days though her loft was already crowded with campers: Diane Reeves was living there and the place was full of Diane’s friends: one of them also became famous, the drummer girl … Well, Diane had just seen Whoopie on Broadway and she was in awe.
Another detail: Diane had just tried out for a role in The Color Purpole; but Diane was rooting aainst herself getting the part: she was rooting for Oprah: a brand new name to New Yorkers at the time.
Of course I was ceasing to be a New Yorker and was becoming a Floridian.

My first visit to Florida was filled with race hatred bordering on lynch mob, 1965. There I met the southern racism of bankers and lawyers; in Sebring I was meeting cop racism, redneck racism. But now I’m pursued by a recrudescence of property owner racism: ugly thinking itself beautiful, bigots deluding themselves that they’re Christian. That’s a joke I no longer laugh at.

I’m clear as can be that I hate Trump, isn’t it? How clear is it that I hate Hillary just as much though not for identical reasons. And I hated JFK, and LBJ … and Nix, and Bill … Funny thing is I’m becoming a little bit fond of Obama in ways that are entirely personal and have nothing to do with parties or platforms. Politically I hate Obama the way I hate Stalin, Hitler …

Make America Great Again
2016 11 15 “Great” sounds like it would take a quantitative meaning, doesn’t it? But it’s wholly qalitative. It’s not “seventeen is greater than fifteen”; it’s more “Lincoln is greater than Washington”, or Mozart is greater than Palestrina.

Now: is there any truth to it? Is there any meaning to whatever truth there is? Was there any period, ever, when America was objectively “greater” than this that or anything else? Put numbers on things and you can compare; appeal to people’s infinite ignorance, infinite prejudice and it’s just a muddle.

Make America great! that makes sense; make America great again is just asking for trouble.

Identify some objective correlative. What was great about America? When? burning Savannah? Genocide westward? Kill all the Lakota? women and children too? How about slavery in “half” the states? How about no right to secede? How about the inflated stocks of 1928? How great was that? How about Prohibition? If we want to make America great again, should we reinstall prohibition? How about deleting suffrage for women? How about deleting suffrage for all males too unless that own 5000 acres or more?

2016 11 10 Trump looks like a bully, bears himself like a bully: I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, but doesn’t he remind you of another bully, another Republican! Grandpa Teddy! The Roosevelts really hit us crosswise from Sunday, didn’t they, with Rep. Teddy & social commie FDR.
Teddy liked to kill animals, some funny satires were penned on the subject, but Teddy did do one important thing with his kleptocratic powers: he founded the federal parks, saved Yosemite as a parking lot.

Trump now also reminds me of Karl Lueger, the mayor of Vienna who founded the political party that formed the Twentieth Century’s scapegoat anti-Semitism.

Whew, I just saw a headline putting Michelle Obama into the next race!

Evangelical Democracy
2016 10 25 “Original sin seems anathema to most Americans. Almost two thirds (65 percent) said that most people are good by nature, even though everyone sins a little. Three quarters (74 percent) of Americans disagreed that the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation — and 62 percent strongly disagreed!”
It’s nice to survey what people believe but keep in mind: it isn’t up to majorities whether God exists or not. And opinions are irrelevant to what “sin” means. Don’t waste your time imagining what’s sinful; God has to tell you. Failing that, Moses has to tell you, or the rabbi.
The trouble there is God has to tell you whether or not Moses or the rabbi … or the priest etc. has a clue.
So fer instance, if God gives me a message to convey to you, and you the group don’t like it and sabotage it and sabotage me and put me in jail and don’t publish my responses, who’s in trouble at judgment? me?!! or YOU!!!!?
And when you knocked me down and plagiarized God’s proposals as offered through Ivan Illich and me, it’s not just me you were stealing from. The public perverted God‘s gifts! and the majority will not rule the consequences.
The consequences will even though God was murdered on Golgatha and Illich died in 2002 and I’ll be dead any day now: it doesn’t matter, the poison is still in the soil.

indefinitely expandable

Trump’s No Rubicon
2016 10 24 Yahoo just posted an article listing woman making allegations against The Donald as a woman-handler. Now other allegations from the past are resurfacing. Republicans right and left are abandoning this albatross-around-their-neck.
My girl just told me that her old priest was praying for Trump. Praying for what, I asked: that he go straight to hell? No, she assured me: praying that he’ll win! Ah: church conservatives back the alleged rapist as everything slides down the tubes.
And I think of Caesar. Julius, that is. Caius Julius Caesar: the one who crossed the Rubicon.
I’d been in graduate school a couple of years before I studied anything about Caesar: eyeopening once I did.
Before I supply details or illustrations I got-to insert: this is an amazing campaign. Recent presidents have waited till they’ve been in office, initiated a few wars, before being saluted as a scuzz-bucket: JFK, LBJ … Nixon, etc. And the ignorant will scream that it’s unprecedented. Hold your horse: you want criminals in office? Forget Americans, swallow Lincoln: let’s just consider the emperors called Caesar, starting with the one from the Julian family: What the hell does “crossing the Rubicon mean?
Well, the Rubicon is a river. It sets one of the boundaries for the city of Rome. It was a boundary that Julius Caesar, in his days of his wars with Gall, was not allowed to cross: on pain of arrest and execution! Rome liked Julius up in Gaul where he bashed the Celts, the Gauls, the Germans, etc. But in Rome itself he was a condemned criminal. Julius had a certain layer of protection: you know how diplomats can’t be arrested? even for murder? cop can’t give their limo a ticket even if the limo is going 130 mph? Caesar had immunity long before he became dictator: because: Julius Caesar was the head of the church of the religion of Rome! He was like the “pope” for worship of Jupiter, Mars, Minerva, etc. The Roman Catholic pope has immunity in the Vatican: but I bet if he crossed the street, went into Rome, he’d still be effectively immune.
So: Caesar had a series of layers of immunity: 1) he was a Julian! an important family: he was born an aristocrat. 2) he was a successful general. Rome tolerated all sorts of behavior from its successful generals: provided they kept winning! etc.
But: he couldn’t actually come into into Rome. He and his armies were up up in Gaul. Fine, he could do nearly anything up there. He could approach Rome, he could come upon the banks of the Rubicon; but he couldn’t cross the Rubison. If he did, he’d become subject to the laws of Rome: under which he was a mortal felon.

Lincoln’s Union defeated the Confederacy, then swept genocide westward. What would history have been like had Lincoln sterilized the plains, then given Oklaholma away and Nebraska, then marched on DC, then elected himself to the White House, then burned his way to Atlanta?

See? Tump just has to become pope: of the Protestants.

Trump says the election is rigged. I don’t doubt it. I take his side as rigged too. But: a huge amount of middle ground is easily left out. Whether the election is rigged is a real question (not rationally answerable in civilization): but let’s not forget to establish whether Trump is really a chronic rapist! Maybe the election is rigged: attempts at rigging on both sides (and would be on other sides too if there were more than two generally promoted sides. And Trump could be a repeating rapist.
Six guys sit down to play poker: one of them could be cheating; two of them could be cheating; three of them could be partners in cheating; four of them could be tring to cheat: and succeeding; and failing …

Understand that we’re all morons and liars and crooks … and genocides and Christ killers … and it’s a great deal less confusing.

Truncle Tom
2016 10 15
Lil Jon was on the tube, Trump was there, couple of years ago, Jon was dressed as Uncle Sam: Trump said it was his Uncle Tom costume. Arsenio Hall and others discussed this in the board room: they decided that Trump wasn’t being offensive, not knowingly: he didn’t know what the terms meant: certainly not to the people in the board room discussing it. !
I figure:
Trump speaks his own language, disconnected from the society,
even he doesn’t know what any of it means.
So he can’t be offensive, not knowingly. He also can’t not be offensive: speaking publicly, from such ignorance.

Trump, No Trump
2016 10 12 Now it seems the Donald liked to waltz into the Miss WhatEver dressing rooms while the contestants were topless, or naked. Star Status, you see.
The never of some people to disapprove!
I ask you, in the bowels of Christ: if you can’t walk in on Miss Universe while she’s changing her tampon, what’s the point of being the Donald? What, are you a Leveler? Damn Commie?

Oval Office Role Model
2016 10 11
“… if you are running for president of the United States, you are a role model.”
Excuse me: where does this rule come from?
“You’re a role model for children … You’re a role model for all Americans. You’re held to a higher standard. You should not be behaving like if you are in a locker room. You should be behaving like if you are in the Oval Office.”
Uh, like President Bill did? with Monica under the desk, on her knees, performing fellatio?
What culture do these people think they’ve been living it?

Punish the Truth
2016 10 09 What a day for politics. My Jan has been pestering me about Donald Trump for months and months: now she’s silenced. And the satirists roar. I did my own roaring yesterday. Today I want to add something kleptocrats like us are programed to overlook: what Trump said to his buddy was true: he said, “If you’re a star, you can get away with anything: grab her by the pussy.” That’s right. If the election were about truth I would now want to vote for Trump.
That’s a joke, the election is not about truth, except the truth of power, the truth of duplicity … the truth of treating privilege as if it were justice.
Anyway, whatever our intentions a little truth seeped into this one. Hurray.
Sunday, PM Whew, some of the other voices now coming out of the woodwork are welcome:, for example. More important than any damn presidential election.
Go to it! Reveal, reveal.

Presidential Politics
2016 10 07 Uh oh. Trump just got caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy. A million other things should have sunk his ship. Where’d Puritan America go? Hillary should be in jail, Trump should be in the stocks.
I love how Napoleon had to labor to love, his woman pushing him around. Caesar wouldn’t have put up with that. On the other hand some warriors have taken their tribal morality seriously: Genghis Khan.
Still, let me recall for you a favorite moment of presidential noblesse: decades ago, Bill Clinton, retired, at some shindig, in the background: and he’s talking urbanely with … Warren Beatty!! What’s missing? Add George Clooney. Or Michael Douglas. Add the Oval Office desk. The quim will congregate.
hours later
And with or without Trump, just by the net alone, the illiterates congregate. Or, words are changing meaning, meanings are changing values … Now an article is calling Trump a “misogynist”.
What? How? Why? Cause he talks dirty and act dirty and likes to grab the woman’s quim. You can call that rape, you can call that gross, ungentlemanly, and unfair; but it ain’t misogyny unless accompanied by supplementary behaviors that show hatred as well as rudeness. In fact misogyny needn’t be rude; but it does need to reveal hatred.
I’ll say this though: today’s events may have turned this into the most interesting election in ages. Now our real feelings show. Back to the days of cross burning and lynch mobs.

Choreographed Fright
2016 10 07 Hurricane Matthew is well past my area as it moves north. It missed me, I never felt threatened, Highlands County is relatively hurricane safe. But the frenzy sure hit WalMart: Bullseye: grocery shelves, empty: the bread not threatening to be gone; gone. Dead gone, long gone.
I’ve seen the store almost that crowded before but I’ve never seen store shelves so sterilized.
Some astoundingly fat girls, and a couple of girls really cute! One black girl, young, adorable.
And my cute girl keeps calling, from Nova Scotia, worry, worry, worry. I checked her house, it’s fine.

Love It Or Leave It

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that
oppresses black people and people of color”. Colin Kaepernick, SF QB, August 2016
An NFL quarterback actually took a critical stance on flagwaving patriotism!? on TV?!?!
Ah, so then Donal Trump weights in: maybe Kep should go find another country! Don’t correct hypocrisy. Don’t ameliorate faults. Bulldoze the opposition! into hypocrisy! into patriotic fervor.

I’ve long believed that states don’t deserve citizens where they get them for free, merely by dint of the citizen being born there.
I can see how people born in Ethiopia belong there, people have been born in Ethiopia for a million or two years or more. The Americas are different: in comparison even our natives aren’t natire. So why should we care about being native: almost none of us are native. William the Conqueror, a Norman, ie. a Viking, who had been camped in Normandy, not a native there, pushed the Saxons around, who also weren’t natuve: another bunch of Vikings.
But even the Celtics weren’t the original natives of the British Isles. And the fact is we don’t know who’s native the longest: all we have is the information we have, we don’t know what information we’ll have tomorrow.

In any event how is it Trump’s business where anyone is born? Or where someone claims kinship with a culture: that’s up to the person feeling or failing to feel the kinship; not up to a busybody onlooker.

“Choose your parents carefully” is a joke I’ve appreciated since early in life. Ordinary wisdom assumes no choice on the part of the baby being born. Of course we don’t know anything of the kind: my second novel depicts a soul choosing her mother as birthing labor commences: a joke on a joke. Anyway, one thing I seriously believe: where a country practices hypocrisy, saying it has free speech while censoring and jailing critics (especially and keeping no truthful records on the subject), that country should certainly provide relocation funds. The US should have had relocation funds throughout its history. We should have paid to relocated Sutter and his New Helvetia when we stole his gold in 1849. We should have relocated slaves the second they were enslaved. (May I point out that relocation is not simple: we may have raped the black African out of Africa, that doesn’t mean that Africa wants him back. If I kidnap the baby, and the mother had been torturing the baby, do you have the right to foce the baby back on its mother?

Anyway, elections have long entertained me.
And now I see that Kaepernick has a “blood” interest in the subject: his birth-father had African genes.

The Voting Machine
2016 08 10 I was so proud the first time I voted. I believed I was exercising my rights and duties as a citizen. I was literate, I was educated, off to Columbia I was elite: deserved it, would come to deserve it more. Except of course as a Christian I knew that we were all no good, that education was a vanity, that humans couldn’t be trusted, at all. Anyway, as I stood in the poling place, it occurred to me that writing in a vote was more noble than closing a switch. So I asked: could I write in my vote? My candidate was among the levers, was primary among the levers, I was voting for a favorite, I dare not say who, I’m so embarrassed. So I ask the poling place gal, “How do I write in a vote?” She said, “You have to be on your tiptoes and write very small, but there it is: and she pointed to the upper left corner of the booth.
Losing my eye sight increasingly since age 46, very much so in my seventies, I wouldn’t have been able to see the little window with a paper scroll behind it, but I could make it out then. There was even a little pencil up there if I remember right. I wrote in my cadidate’s name, I smiled at myself, I went home, felling virtuous: taking a step out of my way to help invent democracy.
America calls itself a democracy. The media call us a democracy. It passes for true, unless, like me, you try to innovate something better. Anyway, now I’d argue that it’s far less that democracy rules than that the voting machinery rules. Take the Supreme Court appointment of Bush as president the year it was revealed that the public didn’t know how to vote, that is, didn’t know how to use the voling machines, and, at least as significant, the poling bureaucracy didn’t know how to count. So: we knew that people voted for Democrats, people voted for Republicans, people voted for this and that other, but no body knows how many votes went to whom. One thing was clear: Bush did Not have a majority of the votes. That’s OK, he didn’t need them, he needed the Supreme Court to butt in, cancel the election and appoint Bush to the White House! For four years ! ! ! !
Now we’re about to do it all again. Has anyone, not counting me, learned anything?
How could we tell?

I’ll tell you one thing though: Trump is making this the most entertaining election since Nixon.

Somebody tell me what reward the vote bureaucrats, the vote soldiers get for perverting democracy? Does democracy have any servants in heaven? Is God on the side of democracy? How could’ja tell? Did the Supreme Court extend its own tenure by appointing Bush?

From what I’ve heard of the Bush family’s control of the heroin markets, they could afford to pay of lot of Supreme Court. what I’ve personally seen the Bush family control is merchandise through federal mails. $4 worth of instant coffee cost me about $20 in jail: I’d order the coffee, pay for it, wait a week for it to come, by which time I was yanked into some other jail. Nothing carried over, except my indignation. I paid, and paid, and paid: finally I’d get a little coffee.
Fortunately there were other guys there, also ganged up on by the fed, whose incarceration was a little more stable: I didn’t need to buy coffee, then get robbed, then buy some again; those guys had coffee. And, unlike the Bushes, the Bureau of Prisons, they were willing to share.

Parisian Faggots in Turkish Baton Coup
2016 07 19 People are horrified, people are killing each other. Oh, help, protect me!

There were too many people ten thousand years ago, now there are too many more. So by my lights there aren’t enough killings, enough coups, enough lies and suberfuges. Too many fags, too many cops, too many Hillary Trumps, running for office. Leave nature alone, it will balance things. Don’t leave nature alone, it will still balance things.

Votes Count
2016 04 20 Day after day my darling watches the political campaigns: Trump this, Sanders that. I leave the room. She says it’s not important to me. What could be further from the truth? It’s very important to me: I’ve just never been able to discover how to communicate about it.
Nothing that matters to me is ever included as a choice. In no way will candidates represent my views. Even the Libertarians don’t come within a mile of my views.
In 1978 the Libertarian candidate for the presidency had his office across the hall from mine. He talked and talked but never had a clue what I’d said.
Anyway, votint is essential in a kleptocracy: how else are the managers for the thieves to show that we chose them?
You can shop at WalMart or A&P but you can’t find your own food. You can catch your own fish: if you have a bass boat, and a motor, and a troller, and a boat launch … You don’t have to work at a job to earn the money for all that but you do have to have the money, you do have to have tax receipts for it.

Butt Butt
2016 03 13 Donald Trump is being associated with violence, with rally incandescence, at the best of all possible times: just when there’s been discussion of the dreadful effects of repeated concussions to the skull.
Trump doesn’t look like Lincoln: that liar. And he doesn’t look like Teddy Roosevelt. He looks like Mike Webster!
Poor Mike Webster, the poor utterly dishonest NFL, and poor dishonest US: and our poor dishonest politics.

Not that our politics are any more dishonest than anyone else’d politics. Had cavemen tried to invent excuses for kleptocracy they can hardly have done better than the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians.

Trump Violence
2016 03 12 Trump said somebody should punch somebody, Trump said that protesters should leave only on stretchers. Trump is scheduled to speak at a rally in Chicago: people in Chicago are punching each other, shoving. Big Media behaves as though there’s something wrong with a rally turning violent. Seems to me that there’s something wrong if a rally does not turn violent: especially with clowns like Trump lurking in politics.
The major parties want to subjugate people in silent, they want no protest. The cops are on hand, but if the cops actually have to show up, they’ve already flubbed.
I’m cast back to the 1960s when my army friend Phil said that his idea democracy would consist of the butcher, the baker, the bull dyke: that nothing could get done, that all expectations would tangle in hopelessness. Yes, those are my politics too: if anyone can finish a sentence, something is wrong: if any single idea gets lucidly expressed, something is wrong.
Voltaire wrote of the best of all possible perfect worlds: yes: we’re in it: the Ideal.

Trump this!
2015 06 15 I phoned Jan this morning, no surprise there. Her machine picked up, no surprise there either. And no worry, she’ll phone when she can: at least I’ve touched base with her no matter when she returns the call: so long as we dine together, read together … hug together, watch Steph Curry together … Ah, but when she calls she tells me that she didn’t answer because she was busy being enthralled by Donald Trump, running for pres.
I tell her, Oh, good, the better because you didn’t have to put up with me moaning and groaning and scoffing.
See? the only thing I want to hear from a politician is that they’re committing suicide. I’m an anarchist: except to cut the human population back toward zero, I don’t want to hear anything from anyone-such. Jan knows that, but she’s a Republican: a Republican with a current enthusiasm, a current hope. She wants to see Trump run the government like a business!
What an awful thought: like a business? Business is what’s already put us over the edge, business is 90% of why we have no future.
I ask her, What business does anyone have treating government like business, unless their business is fascism.
See? If business entices us to want to drive a Chevy, that’s fine, so long as we’re enticed, seduced; not ordered, not compelled. In business you don’t owe the money till you’ve agreed to the purchase. Government is the opposite. Pure compulsion.
Trump can say, Last year I tried to rent you the property; this year I can just compel your compliance with a contract you never signed.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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