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Months of Trauma
2016 11 05 Incessant election blather has had me near catatonic. My girl won’t lay off: she monitors Trump by the half hour. Meantime, yesterday’s assaults offered bits suited to what’s left of my humor: Megyn Kelly says that the Fox boss propositioned her too. Thanks to Jan’s blindness to my suffering I know now who Megyn Kelly is: and thanx to the doc After Porn Ends I know and am floored by the porn actress Houston: and Megyn Kelly reminds me piquantly of Houston. Houston is the porn actress who accommodated six hundred twenty men as sexual partner in a row on her show Gamg Bang. She wears lipstick that semaphores like Times Square neon.

Houston: remind you of anyone?
thanx mikeymo

What other woman have you ever seen whose makeup better advertises “I’m a whore. My face is the intended repository for your jism!”? Well, she has a rival for TV: Megyn Kelly.
In the army in the early ’60s, interviewing Cubans who’d volunteered for the US draft, I was assigned a translator. The Cubans spoke no English, I spoke no Spanish, the army matched me with a PuertoRican WAC, Carmen. What a piece of work, what a face, what boobs, what an ass. She kept telling me she was a virgin as I worked my balls into her hands, as I spasmed against her breast. The next day Carmen told me, “My uniform was all stiff!” A virgin: nobody had ever cum in her face before. Now, in that context, behold Megyn Kelly, her hairdo looks sculpted by cum barrages. Now she’s pissed that the boss wanted his own spasm? Next thing we know porn diva Houston will be applying for Madonna sainthood.
2016 11 08 Wow, results! That was last Saturday. Today, Election Day, my girl tells me that Megyn Kelly has changed her hair style! It’s very unlikely that any truth will be told about it: and I can’t prove that my words changed the world. I believe that my words have changed the world, repeatedly, but I can’t prove it. God will prove it at Judgment, but not me, not today. Cum-slick hair did it. Marilyn Monroe, Houston, Kelly: different generations of bleached whore.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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