DiLorenzo, Organized Crime

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DiLorenzo, Thomas, Organized Crime, 2012
A couple of typos in the menu made a mess of my DiLorenzo section, I correcting, who knows how much has been lost.

No one group in society is more irresponsible than politicians.

The federal bureaucracy is utterly incapable of managing its own budget let alone the budgetary decisions of thousands of private businesses.

Americans have traveled many miles down the road to serfdom by deluding themselves that the god of democracy will somehow save them from statist slavery.

Antitrust was a protectionist racket from the very beginning.

This kind of result is present in all government-run bureaucracies because of the absence there of any kind of market feedback mechanism. Since there are no profits in an accounting sense in government, there is no reliable mechanism for rewarding good performance and penalizing poor performance. In fact, in all government enterprises exactly the opposite is true: poor performance is typically rewarded with larger budgets after promises are made to “do better” with more money.
Costs always explode in any industry whenever government gets involved.

False Virtue: The Politics of Lying About History
Referencing Robert Penn Warren:
The Northerner … has in his pocket, not a Papal indulgence peddled by some wandering pardoner of the Middle Ages, but an indulgence, a plenary indulgence, for all sins past, present, and future.”

This farcical theory of “American exceptionalism” was more accurately described by Robert Penn Warren as “moral narcissism” which is “a poor basis for national policy.”
Posturing as The Most Moral Humans on Earth requires Americans to forget many facts about their own history—or more precisely, for the government-dominated school system to either eliminate these facts from the curriculum or to distort them beyond recognition.

Prestige based on an avalanche of lies …

Lying About History, that’s so profound. I was just watching a wonderful biopic about Norman Lear: it recalls the appearance of the religious right, calling itself the Moral Majority: paying off, cause they were called the Moral Majority: without a hint of irony, pledging to take “this country”, America, back to God. People believed it, people still believe it. America was claimed to previously have been “a Christian country”, to have had a keen moral sense. There were no sneers of derision: except from me and a few other social suicides.

It’s wonderful to behold what atheists these Christian evangelicals are: they make claims for God with no doubt that they will get away with it, not be struck down by thunder bolts.

When people are thoroughly dishonest what chance does reason have?

monopolistic political power cannot exist if the people have an escape route from it.

Total war, genocide:
“All the Indians will have to be killed or be maintained as a species of paupers,” Sherman declared.

Nobel Morons, (Paul Krugman): As a New York Times columnist he has always done what all New York Times columnists do—pretend that he does in fact know everything about everything.

Fascialism: blends socialism & fascism, that’s cute. and all too true.\
the judicial system is just as inefficient and corrupt in dealing with union violence as it is in dealing with anything else.

Market-based capital investment is always far superior to politicized capital reallocation.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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