Deschooling Blab CatchUp

Deschooling Blab CatchUp: Introduction

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In the 1990s I developed a dozen or so domains, blogs: business, art gallery, sales, service, DTP, personal, philosophy, theology, cosmology:;,, …

in Oct 2006 I wrote to the English professors at NYU warning them that my time was running out: I was broke, losing my senses, had lost resources by the death of my principal patron, Catherine. Catherine and I had made do on $700 or $800 a month: now she was dead: my social security was pissant: Thus: NYU was running out of time to respond to my testimony dating back to the early 1960: I was out of patience, they were out of time: either acknowldge my accusations, address them, or face the possibility of my justice.
The letter was ironic, of the Modest Proposal type, Jonoathan Swift: I said that once I was too broke to get from Sebring to Avon Park, several miles, from the middle of Highlands County Florida to the norther tip of Highlands County Florida, then I would be tempted to go to New York, rampaging against the public that stole the internet from me without once understandning that I had offered, and run, an internet from 1970 to 1974. Pissed, I would paint the town red.

Now: notice, what NYU and the FBI did not: if I was too broke and exhasted to drive the ten miles or so from Sebring to Avon Park, how was I going to get from Sebring to New York City?, downtown, Fifth Avenue, Washington Square? the Village? NYU campus?

NYU complained to the FBI that they had been threatened. NYU didn’t know how to read my writing in the 1960, but it wasn’t until 2006 that NYU invited federal agencies to join their illiteracy. The FBI rewrote my satire, ironing out some of the paradoxes, all of the humor: turned their sabotage over to a federal prosecutor, and the prosecutor accepted the FBI’s rewrite without acknowledging that it was the FBI’s letter, not mine, that they were judging me on. Imaine the Jew in the concentration camp scribbling a note to the Nazis, threatening them with a black eye, and the Nazis, bristling with arms and evil beat up on the starving helpless Jew in his prison behind barbed wire!

My domains added up to several thousand text and code files and another couple of thousand graphics files: art, cgi …

in a word,
I’ll be reading censored files into this (series of) file(s), posting them before editing them. code will show, links will be broken. Federal judge Martinez ordered my NYU letter section censored, the world would no longer be permitted to see my ironic masterpiece. My data host,, censorec the NYU section and obliterated all of my domains and subdomains as well: several thousand files, a dozen distinct web sites, wiped out, purged, evaporated.
Judge Martinez sentenced me to 15 months in jail: due out in November 2007. I got home to see, no surprise, the FBI had confiscated all of my computers. Worst, they’d uncoordinated all my interlaced web presences. K. domains themselves hosted other domains, published Ivan Illich work that had been not published, censored, sabotaged … published, the great anarchist writer, Catfarmer … pk’s science writing …
So: since then, November 2007 to November 2016, ongoing, I’ve been trying to reconstruct K. posts, domains, etc.
I’ve reconstructed (and expaned) a lot: thousands, but not all. I’m losing my eye sight, fast. My hearing was already shot. Now my athleticism is letting me down, I’m getting crippled, can no longer dance and fuck all night, what the hell, 78 years old. My blog posts remained where I’d put them. I rebuilt the most important of my K. sections: Deschooling, Macroinformation … But there are still hundreds of posts I haven’t reerected. It’s a lot of work, recoding, relinking: and of course I edit, add, rewrite as I go. But one of these days I’ll be dead or wholly crippled, maybe too blind even to fumble. So: I put up the unrevived remainer without worrying about code, graphics, links.

Then with what skills remain, I’ll fix them, edit them, Last, I’ll add and expand. (Except I’m always adding and expanding, can’t stop myself.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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