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Stupid Women
2017 01 22 “Stupid women!” was my beloved Jan’s response to yesterday’s Women’s Waddle on Washington. Uh oh, what do I dare say?

2017 01 21 So sorry, this post hasn’t been saddled properly. I didn’t get thrown in the first three seconds but I didn’t do it half right yet either. It’s a rant, I’ll scribble, scrapbook, maybe fix it right some time; if not, hell, life can be a bitch.

So far I don’t even have the title right. It’s all rhetoric, jokes, set ups, not all properly set; all potentially still settable.

Hamlet sails for England in the company of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. The latter pair bear a letter from Hamlet’s uncle to the king of England asking that monarch to please murder nutty Hamlet. Hamlet bears the king’s seal from his father, Hamlet Senior, the previous king of Denmark. Hmm. Hamlet substitutes his own letter: Dear King of England, please kill these annoying nincompoops, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Hamlet seals it with the king’s seal: royal edict, royal request, thank you, please, very much.

Sallic Law
Is this legitimate? It’s as legitimate as anything can get in human politics. And in a just Denmark, Hamlet senior wouldn’t have been assassinated. And had he died anyway, Hamlet Junior would have ascended the throne: he’s the prince, the one and only. Hamlet’s got the ring, having the ring is 90% of kingship. Guy comes to my house, he shows a badge, the badge says “Sheriff”. Now he can read my mail, take my money, say it’s legitimate.

I don’t want Hamlet’s ring; I want God to say what’s what. But there’s a problem: how do I know it’s God? Will he have a seal? a ring? a beard? Will he be the only guy with a beard?

But, you know, I don’t trust God either.

Let me rephrase that: never mind God; I don’t trust me!
And I trust you even less.

Moses comes down from the mountain, he’s got his tablets, he says they’re from God, they’re commandments, ten of them. Like fingers. Why should we believe Moses? or Moses’ God? Or the Jews?

Say you’re a Canaanite, God says your land belongs to the Jews … At leat that’s what the Jews say. Why believe any of these people?

I don’t believe we should obey anybody’s commandments until we first clean the most blatant lies and thefts off our slate.

The natives were on the beach, nice beach, Palm Beach, along came Morgan and Flagler, evicted them, sold the beach to Flagler and Morgan. The natives had been on Palm Beach forever, centuries anyway. We’d never heard of it, but we want it, to sell to Morgan and Flagler: because we don’t give a shit who owns Canaan; we care that God gave us, the white kleptocrats, by right of military dominance, Palm Beach.

Even if Trump had a letter from God, even if God had a seal or a ring, I don’t see why anyone should respect any quantity of votes cast in the shadow of denying global warming. Can anyone really be so stupid as to imagine that numbers of thieves trump truth? There’s seven of us and only one of you: I own the contents of your safe. Your domain is eminently mine.

How can votes from California count when California was stolen from Sutter by the rapacious ’49ers?

Sutter had had a paper signed by the US saying the Sacramento valley was his, Sutter’s. He’d made a deal with the Indians first, then Russia and Mexico: and US. Funny thing, once the ’49ers overran New Helvetia, destroyed his crops, killed and BBQ’d his cattle, suborned his army, that paper never showed up. That paper clearly proved that the kleptocrats were trespassing. Where could that paper have gone once the kleptocrats took over? Gee, paper burns, what a shame.

President Agent Orange
2017 02 19 Just say that on the web. President Agent Orange!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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