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Good movie on the related subject of Nazis chasing gypsies around southern France in the early 1940s.
I’m reminded of Gerald, my friend Anton’s friend. He spent WWII as a Jewish boy passed from farm to farm in south France, narrowly escaping the scrutiny of the Nazis. I don’t know Gerald that well, but he seems to have turned out OK: a professor at Holy Cross, last I knew.

I’ve called myself “the voluntary n-” for decades: I could have said voluntry “Jew”: – “chink”, anything like that.

Ike, Patton
2015 07 20 I consider myself a gourmet of hypocrisy, a non-pareil misanthrope, but watching The Long Way Home I feel amateur, like a beginner: stuff even I didn’t know: though it doesn’t surprise me. Hard to take, self-lashing: I’m sipping this Holocaust documentary a minute here, a few minutes there.

The Allies come upon the death camps. The soldiers stand outside the barbed wire and stare, the Jews penned within do their own staring. Weeks, months, years later: the allied soldiers still hold the Jews in the pens: still malnourished, still no sanitation. Ike visits, Ike tells Patton to treat them better: and ease up on the guards. Patton writes in his diary that Ike is wrong: letting the Jews escape, to return to society would be a mistake: the Jews, Patton noted, are not human, sub-human, sub-animal: “clearly” Patton wrote.

Clearly? Something is clear?! Then how come there’s so much disagreement?

Boy, have I seen some good Anti-Semitism WWII movies the last few years.

Note: Ike, Patton don’t question their “right” to order the earth, don’t doubt their competence, their judgment, don’t question their knowledge. I say, leave it all alone, and mere survival will in its own time prove suitability, fitness, competence.

Trumping Patton
2017 01 29 Trump’s White House issued a Holocaust Memorial statement that didn’t mention the Jews! And Didn’t Mention Anti-Semitism!!!
One of my perennial jokes these decades has been to grouse about Jews pushing to remember Jews killed: there were also gypsies, Commies, dissidents, anarchists (my own non-group “group”) I meant the joke; but I never meant to follow suit with Patton. That’s a good comparison: Patton and Trump! (and of course Hitler, etc.)

Fiat Israel
For decades I’ve been tempted by Zionist feelings: wish I could have worked to help Brichah (the Flight). On the other hand I’ve always been repelled by the politics of “Israel”: fiated, created out of nothing, by magic. Sure it would be nice if the Jews had a nice homeland. It would be nice if God would create one for them, ex nihilo: maybe manage a land fill in the Pacific, maybe convert an asteroid. What I hate about the real Israel is that it was authoritarian, kleptocratic, all the way: Britain etc. “gave” Israel to the Jews, but they were giving Palestinian’s land!

Some kid in the documentary is asked why he wants to go to Israel. “Ask the world”, he answers. He continues: everybody has a homeland, the French, the Germans, the Americans. (Yes, all kleptocracies, all stolen somehow, all labeled and relabeled, following war, war, war.) Lincon gave away Western land: but only after exterminating the occupants: the aboriginal owners.

I’d like to see the Cheyenne get their land back, the Lakota, but I don’t want Lincoln, or Bush, to give them Cree land, or Innuit land. Why don’t we give them France? Wy don’t we give them Turkey? I’ve never liked the Turks.

2015 07 22 Watching The Long Way Home, that history is precised, movingly, and now I have to apologize for my former ignorance and prejudice: current ignorance and projudice are bad enough.

Culture Wars: Phobias, Pogroms
2016 03 07 There are many classic authors I’ve started to read but never got anywhere with. Some catch me later, and I become a huge fan and proselitizer; others I still haven’t completed more than a paragraph or two of. Virginia Woolf is among the latter, though I may be about to modify that: it’s past time I shored a conception or two against a stack of misconceptions. My conversion got jolted yesterday when I read some of her antisemitic statements, then saw some of her corrections. Ferinstance, she hated Jews, but married a Jew: had deep prejudices against Jews, then modified them by offsetting prejudices, excuse me, judgments, not prejudices, against Christians. Etc. I’ll scribble something related on homophobia: explaining, defending, some familiar attitudes: especially with regard to the young forever correcting their elders.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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