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Wright, Robert: The Evolution of God

(Understand: Shame on US is a domain I registered 27 or so years ago.)
People pay the shaman to caste evil spirits from their sick child. People do the same — pay the bishop — to caste out spirits within the hierarchy of this or that church. Wright points out that people pay the stock analyst for investment advice. Sometimes the kid gets better, sometimes the stock goes up. Sometimes Houdini casts out the caster-out from the seance. Some shamans live a whole career without more than a little embarrassing exposure. Etc.

Recently I’ve been claiming that I can prove that church-members are actually atheists: would real believers really be so careless about epistemology?

For example, and all I mean is here implicit: I announce in 1970 that God told me to offer the world an internet: in 1970 I repeat. Anyone who wanted unregulated information should have paid attention, contributed resources: money, labor … real estate, services. The bishops and priests who did not assign their staffs to help should at least summon testimony from God: did he or didn’t he say anywuch thing to pk? Hadn’t he already said very much such things to (and through) Ivan Illich?
I got it from God: I very much got it from Ivan Illich getting it from God.
I recognized God’s spirit in what Illich said: shouldn’t you have recognized God’s spirit in what I said?

Ponder this analogy:
Wasn’t it obvious to monotheists that God was speaking through Jesus? a hell of a lot more clearly that God had supposedly spoken through Moses. shouldn’t God’s testimony be solicited?

What makes people believe that a priest to whom God has obviously never spoken should be an authority on what God has said subsequently to Boho-A, B, C?

Relate all this to the fraud of governments who’ve never understood a word said by Jesus, Illich, or me claim to “represent” me? ! or you.

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Wright Notes: Evolution of God, Robert Wright

War puts a premium on social efficiency

On the one hand, the ruling class, consisting as it does of human beings, will try, consciously or unconsciously, to steer culture, including religious belief, toward its selfish ends.

revolution, military defeat, or economic eclipse

Every religion, to survive elementary logical scrutiny, has to have its explanatory loopholes.

law of unintended symmetry

Religion is a feature of cultural evolution that, among other things, addresses anxieties created by cultural evolution; it helps keep social change safe from itself.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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