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Stormy Rule Change

/ Teaching / Society / Survival / Culture / 2018 04 30 Bucky Fuller used to say that the world comes without an instruction manual. By the time we figure a rule out, typically the rule has changed. I suspect … Continue reading

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Word on the Wind

/ Teaching / Scholarship / Bible / Stealing from Jesus, Mugging Santa In 1970 God made it clear to me that he wanted me to offer the internet to the public. The internet, registries available to all, the infrastructure voluntary, … Continue reading

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Literature as Authority

Teaching / Scholarship / Literature / Bible / Illiterate Authority 2017 03 19 Just watching a doc on a temple-roof full of MSs of the Koran: early texts. Muslims say that Allah dictated the Koran to Mohammed; Christians say that … Continue reading

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Mis Moon

Teaching / Society / Science / Easter 2018 04 01 Once upon a time humans watched the night sky. They always had. What species didn’t? What sighted species. But in the case of humans something was different: humans noticed that … Continue reading

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Victorian Rights

Teaching / Society / Culture / Jan and I watched Effie Gray last night: John Ruskin and family’s abused bride. Even the servants, seeing the lay of the land, abuse her. Effie wants to be a good Ruskin wife, n … Continue reading

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Cosby Kick

Teaching / Society / Justice / 2018 04 12 The woman testifies that Cosby raped her, 1992 or some when: says she wants to kick him in the face. I want to kick him in the face: and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Losing the War

/ Teaching / Society / Survival / Evolution / Lose a War – To a Superior Civilization I just searched K. for a favorite quote I heard in 1970 and can’t find it: another casualty of the US censorng my … Continue reading

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Russians’ Trump Pee Tape

/ Teachering / Society / Epistemology / News / 2019 04 13 What’s this? Now we have rumors of tapes floating around of Trump and whores in a Moscow hotel peeing on each other? I lived my life happily without … Continue reading

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Ex-Post-Facto Facts

/ Teaching / Tools / Reason / Facts / Russell Westbrook is amazing. I don’t like him, he rubs me the wrong way, but he’s amazing: a kamikaze on the basketball court. Game 1 of the 2018 Playoffs the Thunder … Continue reading

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Jog Log

/ Personal / Chat / Health 2018 04 16 I walked, jogged, and ran when I was dieting a decade or so ago: 2006ish. I’ve done crunches sporatially since: and walked, and biked; but not jogged or ran since then. … Continue reading

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