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2018 04 12 The woman testifies that Cosby raped her, 1992 or some when: says she wants to kick him in the face. I want to kick him in the face: and I’ve been an avid fan since the late 1950s. Indeed, my beer party friends from high school, racists if there ever were racists, loved Cosby, laughed and laughed, no matter how lit we were.

I offer one reservation: Anyone who’s ever been persecuted in a society based on persecution, such as the US, based in slavery, following close on land-grabbing, ought to have a free shot at anyone associable with the oppression. In other words, I can imagine it being argued that Satchel Page or Louis Armstrong should get a free ticket to lynch Ronald Regan and Sontewall Jackson. I don’t say it’s been proved, I say it’s arguable.

Please, I am not sayint that blacks are the only victims, not by any means: but they are victims: and should get some compensation: at least one ticket for a free kick..

Though I didn’t know any blacks entitled to as much compensation as this one white dude deserves: special victim of kleptocracy..

2018 04 29 A couple of days ago now Cosby has been judged guilty. x 3. And Cosby, in mic range, calls the prosecutor an asshole. Now I bet the prosecutor is an ass hole — he’s been to law school after all — but to say os, on mic, within a mile of a reporter, is insane. Why are people, Louis CK, suddenly showing their true colors?

Or should we just skip a few steps and judge everygody guilty?
That’s a close translation, is it not, of what pk has been saying all along.

Nothing is legitimate, except God, and he’s not legitimate either.

Never mind legitimacy: just exterminate everybody. Vermin without exception.

2018 0t 09 I love how the media feature sports legends in their sports shows. The other week I saw a panel which included Isiah Thomas. I didn’t hear a word of ill will or bad repute directed against him. How come? in this world of sexual misconduct, corporate abuse of power. Didn’t he rape everything female within a mile of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks? Personally, was glad to see him: great player, good looking guy: but hardly an exemplum.
How come women aren’t marching in protext every time Kobe Bryant breathes in public?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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