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Ethnic Minority

/ Culture / Ethnic Minority 2018 05 18 pk is all German on my father’s side, half German on my mothers. The remaining half on my mother’s side is British: Engish. That’s the proud half: the Scottish side: a half … Continue reading

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Designer Identities

/ Culture / Custom Forensics Everyday now some Yahoo article chases you into a corner, you can’t duck it, can’t get rid of it. This morning there was one on actors chaning their names from Jewish to WASP: Isador Cohen … Continue reading

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Grope Log

/ Society / Survival / Culture / The gal reporter gets groped while on the air: she whaps the guy with her mic! I remember a friend’s mother proudly reporting that she had been groped on a street in Italy, … Continue reading

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Male Man

/ Science / 2018 05 03 Yahoo Headline: What It Means to “Dead-Name” a Transgender Person, and Why You Should Stop What the hell is a transgender person? Is this a question for the man in the street? for … Continue reading

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Monthly: scrapbook: reborn each month (Monthly Note follows below) Human Intelligence, Legislation by Kleptocrats 2018 05 13 Happy Mothers Day! Human beings are intelligent enough to imagine intelligence: and ethical behavior; but not intelligent enough to imagine that I am … Continue reading

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