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Darkness Enchroacheth
2018 08 15 I drafted a word or two on golf, on Tiger climbing back up, one how humans delude themselves about their competence on thing after thing … but of course it all evaporated in a tsunami or hardware induced typos. I’ll try to recreate some of it, reducing the volume to nearly none:
I remember first hitting golf balls, 1980: North Truro MA, Lido Beach LI NY … I never deluded myself that I could hit homer with Dimag or the Mick; but I regularly deluded myself that I could hit a golf gall not that far behind Nichols, Watson, Couples … I bet I’m not alone.

I love Jye Eyre. I’ve loved Jane Eyre since the 1950s when I first read it. I’ve loved Jane Eyre since the 1960s when I second read i. I’ve loved Jane Eyre each of the successive times I’ve watched this or that film version of it: each having its virtues. I particularly love the one I’m watching currently: Zepherelli. Charlotte Gainsbourg! I do not however lover Jane Eyre infinitly. Charlotte Brontë astonishes us as we watch Jane fall in love with Mr. Rochester. It’s amazing how she crafts Rochester giving away hints as to his own feelings for Jane. He’s also clear that he’s heterosexual, that’s he’s no viurgin, that he’s playingg his games for his own benefit. She tricks us time and again as to the nature and source of the weirdness around Rpcjester’s mansion. Who are these Jamaicans? Why is there a pyromaniac running around loose? By this iteration I’m fed up with the mysteries in the attic. Rochester wasted little time fucking the show girls; shy doesn’t he just get a good mouthful of pussy from this little governess, and worry about formalities later? Well, they’re Victorians, you see.
But then I love it again. There’s no not loving it.

Bo Derek’s Black Braids
2018 08 2018

Bo Derek

thanx the Dereks

10 appeared in 1979. I’d loved Dudley Moore since Bedazzled.
Now, help me remember: we all remember 10, we all loved Dudley Moore: and accepted John Guilgud as a substitue for Peterr Cook! but when did we all acknowledge that Bo’s shell-tipped
brids had till then been strictly pickaninny-style? She didn’t get it from Venus: Venus launched the ghetto style a decade later: no?

Free Offensive Speech
2018 07 30 Our president can tweet anything he wants, baseball pitchers follow suit. People are fired from seven figure jobs, in companies they founded, as we manage their diction for correctness. Once upon a time, in the early Sixties, I read a lot of George Bernard Shaw. He was funny, he made me laugh. And he said bold things about important things: one point on censorship — Shaw was much censored — I’ll repeat here:
First noting: Shaw believed in a strong state, he was a Fabian Socialist (Boo! Moron!);
I am an anarchist: I don’t believe that any state is legitimate.
Shaw beliueved in censorship: he just believed that the matter should be clear. The author, when he first sits down to write, should be able to know what’s legal and what’s illegal. I may be constrained from mounting a play in which the cblond blows the horse on stage: butit must be clear to one and all that I can hint it.
If we have something that can be disrespected as N’s, then we must be able to use the N-words: freely, and without fear of being jailed after we’ve invested the farm in staging the play.
If the sitting president is free to tell lies, issue him a license. I, the President, am free to abuse the internet with lies, you can’t constitutionally stop me!

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